'Botched' Episode 11 Spoilers & Recap: One Patient May Be Willing to Trade Her Life for Bigger Breasts

Botched returns to E! Network Wednesday with a new round of plastic surgery faux pas. The doctors will definitely have their fair share of difficult procedures, including a medical mystery and a botched tummy tuck.

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif seem to have some kind of magic-wielding powers when it comes to plastic surgery; however, arguably the most troubling case deals with not only a botched procedure but plastic surgery addiction. 

Find out how far some are willing to go to achieve their ideal bodies. 

Amanda – "R.I.P Breasts" 

Flying from Finland, Amanda came to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif as a classic case of obsessive surgeries. With a goal of looking like a "real-life sex doll," she has gone through numerous surgeries, including three breast augmentations. After her most recent breast surgery, Amanda woke up in the ICU after being put into a coma following a seizure to her procedure. 

"That's very rare," Dr. Dubrow says to the camera. "It may indicate something really significant is going on in Amanda's body." 

Amanda was looking a massive 1400cc breast surgery, which is unheard of in America. Dr. Dubrow revealed that the largest he would ever perform is 800cc.

"[The size Amanda is looking for], even on someone twice her size, is going to subject her to a lot of complications," Dr. Dubrow said.

Aleski, Amanda's boyfriend, has voiced that he does not approve of her obsession with plastic surgery–especially if it may result in losing her. 

"I love my boyfriend, but the love of my life is plastic surgery," Amanda says to the camera. "If I ever had to choose between plastic surgery and Aleski, I would obviously choose plastic surgery, and he knows that." 

During her consultation, Dr. Dubrow reveals to Amanda that the seizure may not have been a result of the anesthesia, but the stress the body undergoes during surgery. Despite the possible physiological disorder, Amanda is unable to promise the doctors she will discontinue her surgeries until it's figured out.  

"You know what, I have to say, I'm getting really ticked off right now," Dr. Nassif said. "You are dealing we life and death. It's like, 'well I'm going to keep jumping into the water where there are about six white sharks all the time.'" 

"I'm upset right now. Maybe because I'm a father, and I'm relating this if my kids were saying this–I'd be pissed," he added. 

While it's unclear if Dr. Nassif frustrations gave Amanda a dose of reality, the episode does not show any update on the plastic surgery addict. 

Robert – "Tucked Up" 

The next case for the doctors if an effed up tummy tuck. Reaching his highest weight of 400 pounds, Robert began his weight-loss journey in his early 20s. Losing over 200 pounds, he was in need of a tummy tuck to get rid of his extra skin. Robert decided to go onto Yelp and found a doctor with good prices; however, following his surgery, he noticed he had love handles that were never there and overall, a completely botched surgery. 

Over the years, Robert's self-confidence had completely plummeted, leaving him to shut himself off to form new romantic relationships. He enlists the help of Dr. Dubrow, and while he is willing to perform the surgery, it doesn't come without precautions. 

"Tummy tucks in men are an even higher risk because there's a greater surface area and much more of a chance that there would be post-operative bleeding or post-operative fluid formation," Dr. Dubrow says to the camera. 

Despite the possible complications, Robert cannot be convinced otherwise–he wants the surgery, badly. 

Over a thousand stitches later, Robert's surgery was a complete success. Botched provided an update on the young man 9 weeks after his surgery. Not only was Robert able to throw away his shapers, but he was finally able to embrace his new body with love and confidence. 

Koffa – "Medical Mystery"

Wednesday's episode also will introduce the story of fashion designer Koffa and her autoimmune disease, known as sarcoidosis.

The disease affects fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S. and can affect numerous organs in the body; however, mainly attacking the lungs and lymph glands. Sarcoidosis leaves abnormal masses or nodules, called granulomas, which consists of inflamed tissues form in certain organs of the body, according to WebMD.

Koffa says the disease has left her face with "skin and bones." Along with the facial effects of her autoimmune disease, Koffa is also plagued with a botched breast augmentation.

"I have this left breast that is ready for a night out, and then I have this right breast that is down for the count," she says in the clip.

With hallowed cheeks and an encapsulated breast, Koffa is enlisting the help of Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to help gain her confidence back.

"I'm tired of feeling devastated and pissed off, like why is this happening," she questioned to the camera

During the episode, Koffa goes through two separate procedures: one to inject filler into her face and the other to remove the encapsulated breast implants. Luckily, both procedures were extremely successful and Koffa was able to have a new face and body. 

"I don't know why things happened the way the did, but I'm just happy to be where I'm at now," Koffa said. "I can walk into a room and have confidence. I'm ready to nail that dream job." 

To show her gratitude to the doctors, Koffa delivers a heartfelt gift: handmade scrub caps.

"You know we have thousands and thousands of patients, and there's no way we can remember all of them," Dr. Dubrow says to Koffa. "We will never forget you." 

Botched airs on E! Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET

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