Botox Believer

Whitney Enoksen was finished with her forehead. "It always made me feel a lot older than I am," says the 36-year-old, who started noticing serious lines on her brow during her late twenties. Last fall, the Dallas orthodontist's assistant had her first round of Botox, which the FDA approved on Monday to treat frown lines.

"It's amazing," says Enoksen, who has a 4-year-old daughter. "You notice the changes within 24 hours. You're not able to scrunch those areas." Since then, she's had the treatment twice more-and she's going again this Friday. NEWSWEEK's B. J. Sigesmund spoke with Enoksen about her experiences with the wrinkle remover.

Were you self-conscious about your forehead before Botox?

Extremely. It made me feel ugly. I have to say, I'm 36, and now I have 22-year-old men hitting on me. The rest of it is there, you know. I exercise. I'm thin. But my face made me feel very bad.

How long do you think about Botox before you finally did it?

A few years.

Why were you hesitant?

I'd heard things like you could get a droopy eye or that things maybe wouldn't work right. But I just wasn't familiar with it. You shouldn't listen to things you hear from people.

What finally convinced you?

I had been with my doctor for a while. He's done a few things with me. And I completely trust him. He had asked me about my concerns, and said I had nothing to worry about. I just felt confident after that.

How much does it cost?

Generally, $175 to $200 per area.

What do you get done?

Three areas. All over my forehead, under my eyes to get the crow's feet, and in between my eyebrows. Generally, it's $450 to $500 if you do all three.

What was the first time like?

The best thing was that it only took an hour. I did it early in the morning. An hour later, you can see people and no one would ever know. For 45 minutes afterward, it just looks like you have some mosquito bites. You get a welt in your forehead.

And how quickly did it work?

Within 24 hours. And within three days, you notice that the lines are not there.

Is there pain?

The pain is really no big deal. You're not going to sit there and cry. I'm tough, I admit, but it's no biggie.

What did your family think?

My sister was in shock. She couldn't believe it. I purposefully didn't tell her. But she noticed in minutes. She said, 'You did something.' My mother made a comment to me, right after she'd talked to my sister. She said, 'Kim said it was amazing what this stuff has done to your face.'

What about your friends?

My friends all notice. Everyone notices. I have women come up to me everyday now and tell me I'm beautiful. People at the gym, at church, everywhere.

Well, you probably were plenty attractive before Botox, too.

It didn't happen like is it happening now. I think it's because of the youth I've gained back.

So you get all three areas redone every time you go?

The minute that I can tell that the lines in my forehead are coming back, I go back. Though the last time I went, I only had two areas done. Because the third area [in between her eyes] hadn't worn off yet. It lasted longer than the other two areas. It's best to get it redone as soon as you notice your muscles moving there again. I've never waited long enough for the lines to come back.

When did you last have it done?

The month before last, in February.

And you're going again this Friday.


Will you continue with Botox forever?

As long as I can.

Must be nice to have 22-year-olds hitting on you. Where do these guys flirt with you?

Mostly at the gym. The grocery store.

Where else?

Anywhere I go, to be honest with you. I've been experiencing that a lot lately.

How do they come on to you?

They say, "Are you married?"

And how does your husband feel about Botox?

He's doing it, too.