Boulder Hostage Situation: Armed Man in Standoff with Swat Teams at Hair Salon

*UPDATE 8:45 a.m. ET* Police identified the captured the suspect in Wednesday's hostage standoff inside a Boulder beauty parlor as Fidel Jaramillo. The 45-year-old, who was allegedly armed with a semi-automatic pistol, is accused of attacking one woman and forcing others inside the parlor to leave. The hostage-taking incident was characterized as "an act of domestic violence." Jaramillo was awaiting arraignment at the Boulder County Jail to be formally charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and menacing. While the investigation is ongoing, there is a possibility that more charges could brought, according to police.

*UPDATE 5:20 p.m. ET* Boulder Police Department confirmed that the suspect took just one person hostage inside the salon that person was "not physically harmed."

*UPDATE 3:20 p.m. ET* The armed man holed up inside of The Hair Rage International was "safely taken into custody" at around 12:35 p.m. local time, police confirmed. It's unclear about the status of the hostage or hostages. The danger appears to have been averted as the shopping center has reopened.

SWAT teams and negotiators surrounded a Boulder, Colorado, beauty salon on Wednesday morning aiming assault rifles on its storefront. An armed man with at least one female hostage (and possibly others) are reportedly holed up inside, a witness and local authorities confirmed to Newsweek.

Businesses surrounding The Hair Rage International, located on South Broadway near Table Mesa Drive, were evacuated at around 10 a.m. after cops confirmed that a man with a gun "detained" one woman.

"Police are responding emergent to Hair Rage International located at the Table Mesa Shopping Center in South #Boulder on the report of a man inside with a gun with one female detained," a tweet by the Boulder Police Department confirmed. "PLEASE AVOID THIS AREA. We will send an update as soon as we have more information."

They then updated less than 30 minutes later.

"SWAT negotiators are now on the phone with the suspect inside Hair Rage International," a tweet posted by Boulder Police Department. "Additional SWAT personal and Bomb Technicians are en-route."

"We're in the parking lot and police evacuated just about every business around here," Alex Hoese, 21, who works at Boulder Cycle Sport told Newsweek.

He watched in awe as SWAT teams flooded the shopping center, wielding their heavy artillery which they trained on the salon.

"They got assault rifles pointed right at the place," Hoese said, referring to Hair Rage. "They're just telling us to stay here."

He understood that a man was barricaded in the beauty shop at around 10 a.m., because that is when the authorities started to evacuate neighboring businesses.

It's possible there is more than one hostage since the police later posted that there were "hostages" believed to be inside the salon.

Cops tweeted on their Twitter feed that there are "confirmed hostages inside Hair Rage International."

The tweet added that businesses in the Table Mesa Shopping Center "have been evacuated."

Hoese said that he and other workers from neighboring businesses were far-removed enough to avoid the danger but could see what was unfolding.

"I can't believe this is happening here," he said. "I'm more shocked than anything.

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