Boy Climbs Through X-ray Scanner During Train Station Security Check

A small boy in China was captured on X-ray after crawling through a scanning machine at a train station security checkpoint. Police have even released images of his scanned silhouette.

The incident occurred at the Xiaolan railway station in southern China's Guangdong province on October 9, according to the Daily Mail citing the Guangzhou Daily.

A father and his son were attempting to go through security checks at the station when the father went on ahead of him. In just a few short moments, the boy apparently managed to evade staff at the station and climb into the machine.

Surveillance footage of the incident was also tweeted out by the official China Global Television Network Twitter account.

The video showed the father walking through the security check before realizing his son was not with him.

After a few seconds, the boy appeared from the exit side of the X-ray machine and stepped off the conveyor belt when security personnel stop the mechanism.

The father and son then talked to a security guard before leaving without any further issues, with the child seemingly unharmed.

X-ray images showed the young boy kneeling down on the conveyor belt while crawling through the scanning machine in the Xiaolan railway station in southern China. Guangzhou Railway Police

Following the incident, the Guangzhou Railway Police issued a statement warning parents that "when entering the station, they must take care of their children to avoid danger."

A similar incident in Guangdong province garnered worldwide attention in February after a woman climbed inside an X-ray machine clutching her handbag, fearing it would be stolen otherwise.

The X-ray image of the woman on her hands and knees inside the machine went viral following the incident at a train station in Dongguan.

In the wake of the situation, officials at the station warned people not to place themselves in the scanning machine.

"Passengers are warned that not only is this kind of behavior forbidden, but also that the radiation from the machine is incredibly harmful to human health," a Dongguan railway station spokesperson said, reported Asiawire.

According to the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, baggage scanners at airports or train stations use X-rays that have a type of ionizing radiation that can cause cancer, although the amount is minimal and well-protected.

"In fact, the scanners are so well-shielded that Health Canada does not require operators of baggage X-ray scanners to wear dosimeters, even though these workers are beside the equipment all day long," the institute added in a fact-checking page titled "Radiation and Airport Security—Are You at Risk?" on its site.

#ICYMI Child sneaks into X-ray machine at security check in south China

— CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) October 17, 2018