California Boy, 5, Dies After Being Mauled By Family's Pit Bull

A 5-year-old boy has died after he was reportedly attacked by his family's pit bull in California.

The boy was attacked while at home in Oro Grande on Monday, the Daily Press reported. A relative who was watching the child had stepped out of the room, leaving the boy alone with the pit bull, and when they returned, the animal was mauling the child.

According to the Daily Press, the relative called 911 to report the family dog was attacking the boy, who has not been named, and "would not let go."

Deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and emergency services responded to the report of the attack at the home near Portland Street and First Street just before 3 p.m. But the boy had died of his injuries before they arrived.

Officials with the sheriff's department said deputies arrived to find the boy had sustained "traumatic injuries."

"The child succumbed to his injuries before law enforcement and fire officials arrived," the sheriff's department said in a statement to the Daily Press. They said no other children were in the home during the attack.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the dog to attack the child and it was not known if the animal has a history of aggressive behavior.

But the pit bull was taken into the custody of San Bernardino Animal Control after the attack, KABC reported.

An investigation into the attack is ongoing. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and San Bernardino Animal Control have been contacted for comment.

The fatal attack comes days after a man was killed in Massachusetts by a neighbor who was trying to save him from being mauled by two pit bulls.

The neighbor, described as a "good Samaritan," had grabbed a crossbow after seeing the man being attacked in Adams, Massachusetts last week. He fired a shot that hit one of the dogs, but the arrow went through the door and struck the man he was trying to help.

In January, a two-year-old girl was left in critical condition after being mauled by a pit bull in her home in Phoenix, Arizona. The girl, named Aria, was in her mother's arms when the pit bull jumped up, snatched the girl and mauled her until someone in the home shot and killed the animal.

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Stock photo. A five-year-old California boy has died after being mauled by his family's pit bull. Getty