Boy Shot With Assault Rifle While Sleeping in Bed

A 4-year-old boy was left fighting for his life after being shot by drive-by shooters who fired into his home in a "random" attack as he slept in his bed.

The youngster was at the time in "critical condition" after the shooting in Detroit in the early hours of Wednesday morning, authorities told Newsweek. Two local news stations, WDIV and WXYZ, both reported the attack was "random."

Police believe a high-powered assault rifle was used to spray four gunshots into the home on Stout Street, near the cross-section of 7 Mile Road and Evergreen Road on Detroit's west side.

Boy shot in Detroit in random attack.
Stock image. A 4-year-old boy was left fighting for his life after being shot as he slept in his bed by drive-by shooters who fired into his home in a "random" attack. Getty/istock/MattGush

A Detroit police spokesperson told Newsweek: "The boy was shot in the buttocks and was in critical condition. He has since been released from the hospital. There is no suspect information at this time."

The boy was rushed to the Children's Hospital in an ambulance with a police escort tailing it after the shooting, which happened at around 3:30 a.m. Footage of the dramatic moment medics left the home to get the boy to the hospital was filmed by WXYZ, which had a crew on the scene within minutes after reports of the shooting.

Police reportedly told the station that the attack was a "completely random drive-by". The station also interviewed Detroit Police Assistant Chief Charles Fitzgerald, who said: "What's really sad is that I've lost count now [of shootings]. I mean, really, one is enough, right? And this poor kid was just lying in bed. You can't even lie in your own bed in the middle of the night and you have to deal with this. So, I mean, enough is enough. We have to do what's best for our citizens. And Detroit deserves better."

Four other children were also in the house during the shooting, but were unharmed, according to WXYZ. Police confirmed the boy was listed as being in critical condition, but added he was "doing well" at the moment, the station added.

Police are now investigating the incident to establish a motive. Four shell casings were reportedly found in the street during preliminary searches. Footage filmed by the station outside the home revealed a busy and active crime scene, with flashing blue lights illuminating the still-darkened street. A police car was parked across the road to seal it off as investigators went about their work. Several evidence markers had been placed on the ground.

Chief James White plans to hold a media briefing on Wednesday afternoon to reveal more information about the incident.

The hospitalization of the little boy comes just a month after a 7-year-old girl was killed on March 18 in a drive-by shooting while sitting in a car on the driveway of her home, about 30 miles northwest of Detroit. Ariah Jackson had just arrived at her home in Pontiac after school when a man riding in Chevrolet Blazer fired at least six shots at the car, killing the child, the Associated Press reported. Her mother was also in the car and was grazed by a bullet, while three other children in the vehicle were uninjured. The Oakland County sheriff's office said it believed the motive for the attack was gang-related, with an innocent victim being killed as a result.

And in January, a 10-year-old and a 19-year-old were both shot as they slept in the bedroom of a home in Kenner, Louisiana, when a drive-by shooter fired at their home in the early hours. They were hospitalized but were reportedly in stable condition.

Updated 4/27/22, 12:04 PM ET: This story has been updated with comment from authorities to Newsweek.