Boy Bitten By Highly Venomous Brown Snake On School Trip Survives Thanks To Teachers' Quick Thinking: 'I Kind Of Went Into Autopilot'

A 12-year-old boy survived a deadly snake bite thanks to the life-saving actions of his teachers.

Deakin Hawke, a student at Drouin Primary School in Victoria, Australia, had been on a week-long school trip to Canberra in Australia in October when he was bitten by an eastern brown snake, Sunrise reported.

He collapsed and stopped breathing within minutes of being bitten twice on the leg by the snake, which is considered the second most venomous snake in the world. Paramedics said Deakin is alive and well because of his quick-thinking teachers, who provided life-saving first aid, according to Sunrise.

Teacher Candie Ellis-Williams told the morning radio show that she "went into autopilot" and put pressure to the bites on Deakin's leg which slowed the spread of the snake's venom.

"I kind of went into autopilot because I'd had prior training," she told Sunrise.
"I just took Deakin, sat him down and went through the steps that I needed to take."

Another teacher started CPR to revive the boy while another called for an ambulance. The school's principal Brad Wheller told Sunrise that he went to look for the snake to confirm what species had bitten Deakin.

"We ran over to where the kids were playing and could quite easily see there was a snake," he said. He snapped a picture and went to confirm to the other teachers that they were dealing with a snake bite and called emergency services.

The youngster was taken to Canberra Hospital, where he stayed in the intensive care unit, and he has since made a full recovery, The Warragul and Drouin Gazette reported. Deakin returned to school last week after being off for a month because of a reaction he had to the anti-venom he was given to counteract the snake bite.

Staff at Douin Primary School have been contacted for additional comment.

The teacher's actions earned them a commendation in Victoria's State Parliament from Gary Blackwood, the MP for Narracan.

"When Deakin's parents arrived in Canberra the doctor in charge of the intensive care unit explained what had taken place, and it became very evident that a number of teachers and staff had actually saved Deakin's life," Blackwood said, according to Yahoo News.

"If it had not been for the quick-thinking and outstanding first aid skills of the teaching staff, Deakin would not be alive today," he added.

According to Australian Geographic, the eastern brown snake's venom is the second most toxic of any land snake in the world and causes progressive paralysis and stops the blood from clotting.

St. John's Ambulance in Australia advise people to treat all known or suspected snake bites as potentially life-threatening and say that medical aid should be sought urgently.

Stock photo. A 12-year-old boy survived a bite from an eastern brown snake thanks to the life-saving actions of his teachers. Getty