'The Boys' Season 2 Cast: Meet New Villain Stormfront

The Boys are back in town...and by town, we mean Amazon Prime Video, who have now released the first three episodes of Season 2 of the superhero show. In the first of these, viewers meet Stormfront (played by Aya Cash), the new member of The Seven who has taken the place of the exploded Translucent (Alex Hassell).

In the comics The Boys is based on, the character is male, but has been gender-swapped for the Amazon version of the story. In those comics, Stormfront was the first Supe, given a set of powers while a child in Nazi Germany, then brought to America after Adolf Hitler thought that he should be destroyed.

In fact, the character's name is a pun on this Nazi past—he is called Stormfront because he has the ability to manipulate lightning, but also because this is the name of a real-life neo-Nazi internet forum, called the "first major hate site on the Internet" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Though The Boys Season 2 cast and crew have not kept this Nazi backstory, there are some hints that she may have her own far-right leanings. After all, they have kept that evocative name for the character, and the show's creator teased to KVUE: "For things I won't necessarily give away, she's revealed to be something quite different in the series and we wanted a character at first you sort of like...But then as the season goes on, there's so many awful things about this character."

the boys stormfront
Aya Cash as Stormfront in 'The Boys' Season 2 Amazon Prime Video

The Boys on Amazon is a brash satire, so keeping the character's far-right tendencies would make sense: A young and social media savvy superhero with extreme right-wing views feels like exactly the kind of thing the show would do to address the rise of the alt-right and nationalist groups in the real world.

Asked by KVUE, meanwhile, why they decided to gender-flip the character, The Boys creator Eric Kripke said that this was because of the effect it would have on another character. "We were really looking to create the worst possible nightmare for Homelander," Kripke said, "and the worst thing that could happen to Homelander was a woman who wasn't scared of him and was stealing his spotlight.

"The idea that a woman could be more popular than him and not be scared of him, it's just so unbearable to him, so we did that."

Aya Cash, meanwhile, said of her character to Comics Beat: "Stormfront is... a ballsy girl next door with a heart of acid."

She later added: "The comic books were written more than ten years ago and have their own world, and I feel like The Boys series is using it as a jumping-off point, and certain updates needed to happen."

The Boys Season 1 and Season 2's first three episodes are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.