Brian Laundrie Went on Trip With Parents After Gabby Petito Went Missing, Neighbors Say

Brian Laundrie went on a trip with his parents in their new camper after Gabby Petito went missing, the family's Florida neighbors have claimed.

Speaking with Fox News, William and Charlene Guthrie said they noticed the Laundrie family loading up the new camper attachment for their pickup truck.

They added they believed it was for a trip the Laundries took about a week into September, before Petito, 22, was officially declared missing.

Charlene continued to tell the network: "I was doing some work in the front yard and I noticed they got a new camper for the back of the pickup. I didn't think anything unusual.

"I saw them loading it up, so I assume they were preparing for a camping trip with their new camper. They were gone for the weekend."

The couple told the outlet they had informed police about the Laundries' weekend trip after Petito was declared missing.

Laundrie, 23, returned to the home he shared with Petito and his parents on September 1 following a planned cross-country trip that he took with his fiancée.

Petito was declared missing on September 11, when her family in New York informed police they had not heard from their daughter.

During their investigation, North Port police officers said Laundrie had not co-operated with them regarding Petito's disappearance.

During this stage of the investigation, Laundrie was not declared a suspect but instead was listed as a "person of interest."

Laundrie was himself declared missing on Friday after he did not return home from a reported hike that he set out for on Tuesday.

North Port Police Department officers said it was the first time that the Laundries had spoken to them in any detail.

In a statement on Friday, the force said: "We understand the community's frustration, we are frustrated too.

"For six days the North Port Police Department and the FBI have been pleading with the family to contact investigators regarding Brian's fiance Gabby Petito. Friday is the first time that they have spoken with investigators in detail."

On Sunday, police said they had found a body that was later confirmed to be that of Petito. A coroner said the cause of death was a homicide.

Police are continuing their search for Laundrie, who has not been seen since he left his Florida home.

In its latest Facebook update shared on Wednesday, the North Port Police Department said: "Our search of the Carlton and nearby lands has concluded for the evening. Nothing of note. The current plan is to return Wednesday with a similar operation."

Newsweek has contacted the FBI for comment.

Brian Laundrie is now missing
Police are continuing their search for Brian Laundrie after he went missing on Tuesday, September 14. In these photos, Laundrie can be seen speaking to police (left) and posing for a picture (right) that was later uploaded onto Instagram. Moab City Police Department/ Brian Laundrie