Brandi Love Blasts Candace Owens After Turning Point USA Pass Revoked

Brandi Love has accused Candace Owens of "dividing" the MAGA movement after the conservative porn star was ejected from a Turning Point USA event last week.

The adult actress, whose given name is Tracey Lynn Livermore, labeled the conservative pundit "hypocritical" for claiming to not support cancel culture but for supporting her removal from the event.

"I had just sat through four speakers talking about the evils of cancel culture and censorship ... and then was canceled," the 48-year-old said in an interview with The Sun.

"I do believe that as a party we need to stop allowing them to separate us into groups and then pander to that group. The so-called culture leaders such as [Turning Point founder] Charlie Kirk, Dan Bongino, Candace [Owens], etc. are doing what the left does—dividing us."

Owens backed the decision to have Love removed from the conference on her podcast, Candace.

"This was great. I mean, this is exactly right. This is a conference for minors. I have a bigger question: What was she doing there?" Owens said on her show. "Anything that is antithetical to family values is not conservative."

Following this admission from Owens, Love has admitted that she used to think the right-wing firebrand was "fabulous" but has since changed her opinion.

"I used to believe people like Candace Owens were fabulous," Love explained. "Unfortunately, I was wrong. Not only did she attack me, but Candace said Tomi Lahren should have been kicked out too since she endorsed Caitlyn Jenner.

"[Last week] taught me a lot about people and politics. The Democrats have their fanatics to deal with such as Antifa, BLM and The Squad.

Candace Owens and Brandi Love
Candace Owens and Brandi Love Getty/Twitter

"The Republicans have theirs to deal with as well, such as this ultra-religious faction and white nationalists. You cannot govern a country as wonderfully diverse as the United States of America from the extremes of either side."

She added: "It will always lead to the same dark place—authoritarianism."

The adult film star also hit out at what she called MAGA conservatism, saying she feels that the MAGA movement is diverse.

"My eyes were opened this past week to a group of people who I wish were not associated to MAGA and conservatism," she told the tabloid.

"This faction within conservatism has seized upon one issue (social conservatism) and are trying to capture the language and the MAGA movement within it.

"They will fail. Why? Because MAGA is diverse. We are black, white, Hispanic, LGBTQ, porn stars, Christians, Jewish, Agnostics, Atheists, etc.

"And even the religious zealots ... As much as I despise them [and] as misguided as they are, they are welcome as long as they don't harm the rest of us or start behaving like the radical left."