Child's Body Found in Freezer After Sibling Hands Note to Teacher: Police

The body of a preschool-aged child in a freezer was found by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police on Tuesday night after the child's sibling handed a note to their teacher.

Police have made an arrest in connection with the death of the child and identified the suspect as the boyfriend of the child's mother.

Brandon Toseland, 35, of Las Vegas, was apprehended by police after authorities were able to obtain a warrant for a property he was living at.

Upon searching the garage at a home on the 4300 block of Saddle Brook Park Drive, police found the remains of a child's body.

The note handed to the teacher said that the child did not know where their younger sibling was and that their mother was being held against her will by her boyfriend.

The teacher then passed the note to the police, who set up a surveillance operation near the home. Around 10 a.m. on Tuesday police identified Toseland and a woman leaving the home and pulled them over.

After questioning, the woman said she had not seen her preschool-aged child since December 11, 2021. She also added that her boyfriend prevented her from entering certain areas of the home.

Police were able to obtain a search warrant and found the remains of the child in the freezer on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities believe the child had been in the freezer since early December.

Toseland was initially detained on two kidnapping charges but will now face an open murder charge as well.

Newsweek has contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

In January earlier this year, Newsweek reported on a similar incident where the remains of a missing child were discovered. However, in this instance, the mother was arrested and eventually charged with murder.

On January 27, Newsweek reported a Georgia mother had been charged with murder as part of a missing child investigation.

Following the arrest of mother Keara Cotton, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) reported that investigators were able to obtain information leading to the discovery of human remains in Cordele, Crisp County, near E. Sixteenth Avenue.

A missing person report was previously filed to the Vienna Police Department in Georgia for 4-year-old Jayceion Mathis, Cotton's child.

After initial social media posts calling for information regarding the disappearance of the child, the police followed up with the announcement the mother had been arrested.

"The GBI has arrested Keara Cotton for Murder & Concealing the Death of Another," the social media post read.

"A missing child investigation has led to the discovery of human remains in Crisp Co.

"Agents will send the remains to the GBI Medical Examiner's Office for identification."

Stock images of handcuffs. A man has been arrested after the dead body of a pre-school-aged child was found in a freezer. Getty images