BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards

During these uncertain times, Newsweek and BrandSpark® reveal which brands consumers trust most

Over 18,000 Americans voted for the 2020 Newsweek / BrandSpark® Most Trusted Award Winners

As Americans are challenged to adapt to the realities imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, shopping habits and priorities are evolving. Shoppers are naturally looking for greater reassurance and value. Being genuine and authentic, always hallmarks of effective trust communications, have never been more important than they are today. During times of change, especially with a rapid shift to buying more online, shoppers may become willing to reconsider what brands they are purchasing, and why. Many shoppers are working from home and will have more time to research the brands they want to buy from, including buying many categories online for the first time in a shopping environment where they are faced with greater choice of products and brands.

Newsweek has partnered with BrandSpark International, a leading international research firm to present the results from the most extensive trust study in America, the BrandSpark® American Trust Study. Shoppers voted for the brands that they trust the most in 176 categories ranging from Food & Beverage, Health, Beauty, Household, Pet, Home Goods, and Tech. These exclusive awards are bestowed each year to help consumers shop smarter and to help brands announce themselves as the leader in their category.

The following is the list of brands that most Americans count on to deliver on their promises:

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