Brandy Odom Named as Woman Whose Limbs and Torso Were Found in Brooklyn Park

Police have identified the woman whose dismembered body was found in a park in Brooklyn, New York, as 26-year-old Brandy Odom.

The woman's legs and arms were found in plastic bags scattered across Canarsie Park one day after her torso was discovered by a dog walker on Monday (9 April).

Odom, who lived in the Bay View housing project across from the park, had been reported missing a few months ago, reported WNBC-TV.

Patricia Smith, the woman who alerted authorities after finding Odom's body just off a path on East 86th Street and Seaview Avenue around 6 p.m. on Monday, described how she originally thought the torso was a trash bag until she saw Odom's hair.

"I came back and looked closer, and it was the body of a female with her limbs removed," she told KABC-TV. "I ran away… It was extremely nerve wracking. That was my first experience seeing something like that."

Canarsie resident Robert Clouden, 53, also said he saw the 26-year-old's body while walking his dog on Monday morning, but thought it was just a doll.

"[The body] didn't have any clothing," he told the New York Daily News. "All I saw was a torso. I didn't see legs or anything. It was a petite body. It wasn't that big. That's what made me think it was a doll."

It is still unclear how long Odom's body had lay at the park before it was discovered, although police believe she was recently killed before her remains were dumped and partly covered with leaves.

Community activist Tony Herbert told NBC4 New York he doesn't believe the body was there long as it was found in a "very active park."

The legs and arms were recovered on Tuesday around half a mile from the body. The New York Police Department are still investigating, and a medical examiner will determine Odom's cause of death.