Brave Dad Pretends to Get a Shot to Bolster the Spirits of His Nervous Daughter

For many people, fathers fill the role of their first real-life superhero. Batman is good at keeping Gotham City safe and all, but he's not going to kiss your booboos when you fall at the playground and he's definitely not going to scare off the monsters under the bed. But dads, they can do all that and more all while keeping their children safe and grounded.

One little girl got to witness the power of her father's superhero strength first hand after a terrifying trip to the doctor.

In an adorable video shared on Reddit on Thursday, a father sits his daughter in his lap as she prepares to get a shot in both arms. However, to help ease his daughter's nerves over the big, scary needle that was about to be pricked in her arm, he decided to put on his brave face and get his (pretend) vaccinations first.

"Okay you have to turn that way. I can't look," he said as both he and his daughter turned their heads away from the arm that the nurse pretend to inject with a shot first. "Man that thing hurts a little bit, huh?"

Of course, the nurse was only giving the father a pretend shot, but his method worked. When the nurse goes to give the little girl her shots, the tiny tot takes them like a champ and smiles brightly at the camera. "Big Cody knocked 'em down," the little girl's mother can be heard in the video.

The sweet moment, which has since gone viral, brought back a lot of memories for some people on Reddit, and many of them commented with their tales of going to the doctor's office for booster shots with their own fathers.

"My dad used to do the same thing for me, definitely helped with my fear of needles. The lollipop and sticker they gave me at the end was definitely a plus too lol," one person wrote on Reddit.

Another wrote: "This girl is gonna grow up with the best self-esteem."

While there was a ton of praise for the dad and his efforts to cool his child's fears over shots, watching the video brought flashbacks of not-so-fun doctor visits for some people. A number of them shared their fear of needles and explained how those unpleasant trips to the doctor's office have lasted with them well into adulthood.

"When I was a kid my dad told me that the needle went into my armpit, so I sat there with my arms firmly clasped by my side thinking I was totally safe from the needle. The horror when the nurse put it in my shoulder and the realisation [sic] that my dad has betrayed and outsmarted me has never really left me!" one Redditor wrote.

Brave Dad Gets His Shot First
A health worker uses a syringe on a patient that recovered from the COVID-19 coronavirus donating blood plasma at a donation camp in Srinagar on July 22, 2020. TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP via Getty Images

Jokes aside, the fear of needles or injections—otherwise known as Trypanophobia—is a real thing for many people. A National Institute of Health study published in 2018 found a range of 20 to 50 percent of adolescents suffered from needle fear while a range of 20 to 30 percent of young adults were just as scared of needles. Although fears generally eased over time as kids grew into fully functioning adults, researchers for the same study found that 16 percent of adults avoided receiving the flu shot simply because of their fear of needles.