'Brawl Stars' Beginner's Guide: Best Brawlers and Tips For Winning Gem Grab Mode

Wonder who the best brawlers are for Brawl Stars Gem Grab mode? Check out our beginner's tips and strategy guide for choosing characters and using them to your advantage.

Last week, Supercell released its long-awaited mobile multiplayer brawler, Brawl Stars, to iOS users. The game features several fast-paced exciting game modes to choose from, along with a wide array of unlockable brawlers, each with its own set of unique powers and skills. If you're new to Brawl Stars, getting the hang of the various maps and game modes can be daunting enough, let alone figuring out which brawler is best for your playing style. As a result, we're putting together a series of beginner's guides to help new players.

In this guide we will discuss strategies for playing Gem Grab, the very first game mode you unlock in Brawl Stars. This is the mode where you'll most likely spend the majority of your time with friends and club members. We'll be giving tips for how to best maneuver the game mode as well as suggestions for best characters to use and their specific roles.

If you are interested in getting more in-depth knowledge and strategy for how different characters work, you can check that out, here.

Brawls Stars 'Gem Grab' Mode Beginner's Guide: Strategy and Tips

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Gem Grab is the first game mode you'll unlock in Brawl Stars Supercell

Gem Grab is the first game mode you'll unlock in Brawl Stars and is actually our favorite mode. In this game mode, you'll be playing 3v3 in an effort to grab randomly populating gems from a central location on the map. The first team to grab and hold 10 gems for 15 seconds wins the round. This game mode is fast and furious and is a ton of fun when you're working with a good team. It's a great mode to play with fellow club members because each team member can play a vital role. Here are some tips we've gleaned from playing Gem Grab.

Tip #1: Choose a Role

This tip is particularly useful if you are playing with a team of friends or clubmates. One of the best ways to be effective as a team is for each team member to take a role and learn to stick with it. In Gem Grab the main roles are below. We'll be adding specific strategies for each role later in the article.

  • Gem Grabber/Carrier- this is the player that will mainly be grabbing and carrying gems around. While all players can carry gems, it's best to allow the Gem Carrier to carry the bulk while the other two players work to push back the opposing team and defend the Gem Grabber. The best Gem carriers are typically ranged characters that don't throw themselves in the heat of the action.
    • Best Gem Carrier Brawlers - Pam, Jessie, Poco, Penny, Piper or Bo
  • Aggro-Brawler- if you like to find yourself in the middle of the mayhem, doling out punishment to the opposing team, Aggro-Brawler can be satisfying. Characters that are ideal for aggro-brawler will have a shorter range for up close and personal combat. These brawlers tend to be very strong and have high health allowing them to take out opponents single-handedly. The Aggro-Brawler should typically push his or herself to the front lines ahead of the Gem Carrier to keep enemy brawlers at bay.
    • Best Aggro-Brawler Characters: For beginners, we suggest: Nita, Shelly, Bull or El Primo. Other characters that can fill the role are Daryll, Frank, Mortis, Tara, Crow or Leon.
  • Support Brawler- these players are good at shoring up the team by providing additional defense for the Gem carrier and helping to keep the Aggro-brawler healthy. Effective Support players are typically long-ranged characters with lesser health. These brawlers can pick up gems as needed but their main role should be aiding and protecting the Aggro and Gem carrier.
    • Best Support Brawlers - Colt, Barley, Brock, Dynamike, Ricochet, and Spike

Tip #2: Secure the First Kill

Once your team has its roles, it's time to get into the game. While it may be tempting to try to grab all those double gems as quickly as you can, one of the most important strategic moves your team can make is to secure the first kill. As with many strategic battle games, whichever team can manage to take the first kill will typically gain control of the round, giving them a significant leg up.

Tip #3: Avoid Bunching Up

When you and your teammates get yourself in a bundle, you make yourself much easier to target and the enemy can do a significant amount of damage to your entire team. As you battle it out, it's important for team members to cover left, right and center. This makes it more difficult for the enemy to take control of your side and the game. Generally, your Gem Carrier will take the middle with the support and aggro on opposing sides.

Tip #4: Focus on Spawn Trapping

Once you see your team is gaining control of the map, your next goal is to push and keep the opposing team trapped as close to their spawn as you can. By doing this they have less chance of dealing damage to your gem carrier and almost no chance of gaining control of any gems.

Tip #5: Learn When To Fall Back

While aggression plays a big role in winning Gem Grab there are times when a team should fall back and resist chasing kills. One scenario in which you should check your aggression is when a teammate dies. If a teammate dies, you've effectively reduced your team power by a third or more, depending on which character has fallen. 3 on 2 is never good odds and if you go aggressively for a kill you're likely to die yourself, leaving your final teammate in certain danger. Going too aggressive after a teammate has fallen is a quick way to lose control of the game and your gems. Best to fall back a bit, allow your teammate(s) to respawn and then return to the battle. Returning to battle is kind of like resetting the game so you and your team should look once again to take a "first kill" to regain control of the board.

Tip #6: Don't Get Greedy

Once your team has secured 10 gems it may be tempting to hang out in the heat of battle and try to grab a few more. In truth, though, it only takes 10 to win, so once you secure them, your gem carrier and the entire team should fall slowly back towards your spawn base, followed by your team. The gem carrier should stay near the spawn base, because, in the case that he or she is killed by the opposing team, you'll respawn with a few seconds of invisibility, and it'll be easier to regain control of those gems. If the gem carrier is holding all the gems, the other two players should put all their efforts into holding off the enemy and taking as many kills as you can till the countdown is up.

Additional Tips For Each Character Type

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El Primo makes a great Aggro-brawler if you learn to use him effectivelyl. Supercell

As mentioned, a battle round will often go smoother if you learn how to use your specific character to your advantage. While we take a more in-depth look at specific characters in other Brawl Stars posts, here are a few general tips for getting the most mileage out of your character in Gem Grab.

  • Aggro-Brawlers
    • Learn To Use Walls and Grass - Because of their short range, aggro-brawlers must stay very close to their targets. For this reason, aggro-brawlers should practice using walls and bushes to their advantage. Bushes are a great place to hide out when you need to heal up or catch an opponent by surprise. Most Aggro-Brawlers do greater damage the closer they are to targets so learning to hide nearby is key. Walls on the other hand and great for using to surprise your enemies with your special skill. Shelly, for example, can use her special to blast right through a wall and destroy the enemy on the other side of it, while El Primo's special allows him to jump barriers and distance to land a crushing blow. Walls are no match for good aggro-brawlers so learn to use them well!
    • Push Toward to Enemy Spawn Base - The best way to ensure your gem grabber is successful is to keep pushing the enemy back towards their base. Once you get comfortable using the grass, learning to hide in the reeds near the enemy spawn base is a great way to take them by surprise and take them out soon after they spawn, never allowing them to come near the gem generator.
  • Support Brawler
    • Hold Your Side - As support, defending the gem carrier should be your main role, closely followed by coming to the aid of an Aggro in need. To keep your gem carrier safe, keep an eye on where the battle is moving. Don't allow an enemy to get behind you or your gem carrier or else you both can end up in significant peril. This is called keeping your side.
    • Take Over Fallen Gem Carrier's Role - In the sad event that your Gem Carrier does fall to enemy fire, your next role is to hop in and secure those gems he or she dropped as quickly as possible. Your Gem Carrier will soon spawn and will hopefully be able to back you up quickly or even grab gems if you happen to get killed.
  • Gem Carrier
    • Don't Die - as mentioned, your main role as a Gem Carrier is to carry the gems so you must treat yourself like the bearer of precious cargo that you are. In order to do this you must learn self-control and to reign in any aggressive tendencies.
    • Don't Let Double Gems Dazzle You - as a Gem Carrier, your goal is to grab the all the gems you can and it can be tempting to just hop in the middle at the beginning to grab the first two gems that spawn. Learn to hold back. Try to get a few long distance hits in and support your team's efforts to take that first kill. Once it's out of the way, head in for those early gems.