'Brawlhalla' Update Adds WWE Superstars The Rock, John Cena, Becky Lynch and Xavier Woods in SummerSlam Event

Brawlhalla, the free-to-play platform fighting game from Blue Mammoth is bringing WWE Superstars for an epic crossover for its special SummerSlam theme event.

Starting Thursday, players can play as The Rock, John Cena, Becky Lynch, and Xavier Woods. All four characters can be purchased with 300 Mammoth coins each and will be available even after the summer event ends in the Mallhalla.

If you're wondering how each WWE Superstar plays in Brawlhalla, well you won't have to try to hard to master them as they'll have the same styles as characters already in the game.

Here's every WWE Superstar coming to Brawlhalla and what they can do:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joins Brawlhall as an Epic Crossover for Sentinel. His attacks include a flaming bull, lava, and magma rocks. John Cena is the Epic Crossover for Hattori and comes with the signature attacks that use ring ropes, fog and camera flashes.

Becky "The Man" Lynch is the Epic Crossover for Gnash. Her signature attacks include a giant green fire fist and table to send opponents flying. And finally, we have Xavier Woods who comes to Brawlhalla as the Bodvar. His signature attacks include his tag team partners, Kofi Kingst and Big E from The New Day.

Check out the crazy Brawlhalla and WWE crossover trailer below.

wwe brawlhalla crossover event
Blue Mammoth

In addition to the WWE Superstars, Brawlhalla is bringing a special SummerSlam stage for a two-on-two no holds barred match. Players will have 2v2 stocks in three minute matches, and there will be chairs and tables littered in the ring. Use these weapons to stun your opponents.

Brawlhalla players will also want to check out the latest patch notes. Update 3.47 brings a ton of quality of life improvements to some weapons. Many Legends have also received enhancements and reduced the risk of several overly committal attacks.

Check out the general changes and bug fixes below. Also, be sure to check out the official Brawlhalla Patch Notes, here.

User Interface

  • Meet the Legends page now has working arrow buttons.

User Experience

  • Meet the Legends sorting mode can now be changed by clicking on the sorting text.
  • You can now click and drag to change the current game mode or lobby mode in the game settings screen.
  • Game settings on PC can now be changed by clicking and dragging them left or right.
  • Tabs in the store can now be looped through when navigating with keyboard or controller.


  • Improved PC client rendering performance.
  • Performance improvements on Hattori's Down Spear signature special effects.
  • Minor updates to Katar Side Light and Down Air animations.
  • Updated Bodvar's Neutral Hammer animation.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where players' earnings in the esports menu were sometimes displaying as $0.01 below their actual earnings.
  • Fixed a bug where spectators did not see the matchup numbers in ranked games.


  • Bow Down Air: Fixed a case where the aerial version could hit too close to the user.
  • Rayman Side Gauntlets: Fixed a timing issue that prevented Rayman from charging to the enhanced version during a Gravity Cancel.
  • Rayman Neutral Gauntlets: Fixed a timing issue that prevented Rayman from charging to the enhanced version during a Gravity Cancel.