Brazen Thieves Caught on Camera Stealing Armloads of Nike Clothing From Store: 'They Were Just Laughing the Whole Time'

A group of brazen thieves have been caught on camera as they nonchalantly walked out of a Nike store carrying armloads of stolen goods.

Police said they were called to the Nike Factory Store at the Mountain Grove Shopping Center in Redlands, California, at around 8.40 p.m. on Monday. Witnesses said officers arrived too late to catch the culprits, who were reportedly in and out of the store in minutes.

A female employee, identified only as Rozi, filmed the group of men who stormed into the store on Monday evening, KTLA reported. She told the station that the men appeared to be familiar with the store's layout and "were just laughing the whole time."

The cellphone footage, broadcast by KTLA, shows at least five men walking out of the store with as many boxes of Nike shoes and apparel as they can carry.

They are seen carrying the stolen items out of the store, with security alarms sounding as they walk out the doors. Nike employees standing at the cash register are seen looking on as the suspects walk out.

According to ABC7, Nike employees said they are not permitted to intervene in such situations, but called police to report the incident. But by the time officers arrived, the suspects had bundled the stolen merchandise into a waiting SUV and fled the scene, the station reported.

Rozi added the suspects—whom she described as "hoodlums"—had walked into the store and taken "whatever they wanted."

"They just walked in, jumping around saying stuff, went towards the back," Rozi told KTLA. "They knew exactly where they were going, started grabbing things. They were just laughing the whole time."

She added: "Just the fact that they can just go rob these places and nothing happens, the laws are messed up and these things are going to keep happening."

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Stock photo: The Nike logo is seen on a Nike Factory Store in Orlando, Florida. A Nike employee filmed a group of thieves brazenly walking out of a Nike Factory Store in California with armloads of stolen goods. Getty Images

Rozi also claimed that she has been told of other similar incidents in the neighborhood. "It's just sad. I've been hearing from people that people keep getting robbed around here, that it's not just this Nike," she told the station.

According to KTLA, this branch of the Nike Factory Store has been targeted by thieves numerous times in the past. However, police told the station is not clear if the incidents are linked.

A Nike spokesman told Newsweek: "The safety of our employees and consumers is our highest priority. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement around these incidents and will continue to do so."

Newsweek has contacted Redlands Police Department for further comment.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects is urged to call Redlands Police Department at 909-798-7681 or online using the department's online reporting system.

Update: This article has been updated to include a comment from Nike.