Brazilian Top Judge Appears Without Pants During Virtual Court Session

A Brazilian magistrate who appeared without pants during a virtual meeting has become the subject of a viral video after the faux pas was shared overnight.

Superior Court of Justice magistrate Néfi Cordeiro appeared via video link dressed in a suit and tie from the waist up but was noticeably missing his pants when he stood up from his chair.

Cordeiro was meeting virtually with colleagues for a panel discussion on the Sixth Chamber of the second when the blunder was broadcast to the judiciary's official YouTube page, Metropoles reports.

The magistrate, who appears in the middle of the screen, can be seen leaving his desk to sit closer to the camera but seems unaware he has been recorded without pants.

Ministro do STJ participa de sessão sem calça.

— BN Justiça (@bnjustica) October 22, 2020

As Cordeiro casually checks his phone, viewers are treated to a full view of the senior magistrate's underwear.

Aside from the missing pants, Cordeiro is dressed immaculately in a white shirt, gray tie and toga traditionally worn by members of the high courts in Brazil.

His colleagues appear to watch on and attempt to resume the session as normal.

Magistrate Néfi Cordeiro
Magistrate Néfi Cordeiro, who appears in the middle of the screen, was caught without pants during a virtual meeting with colleagues from the Superior Court of Justice. BN Justiça

Viewers were quick to make fun of the blunder over social media.

"Clearly in defense of transparency, he wanted to show that he had no hidden money," one man joked over Twitter.

Some astute viewers pointed out that the judge also used a fake library for the background of the video session.

"Did he use a green background to say he has an office full of books?" one woman asked over Twitter.

High court sessions have been held virtually via videoconferencing in Brazil since the pandemic disrupted regular proceedings. The sessions are then shared online to ensure public transparency.

The Superior Court of Justice advisory committee told Otempo News that Cordeiro's office "is aware that this video is circulating on social networks" but said the magistrate "will not speak out about it."

However, it's not the first time those in senior governmental positions have been caught off guard while taking conference calls during the pandemic.

New technologies introduced to ease communications as people work from home have proved challenging for many.

Elsewhere in Brazil, a court justice in Amapá appeared shirtless during a meeting with colleagues while unaware that the recording had already begun.

Meanwhile in Paraíba, a prosecutor was caught taking a three-minute nap during a session.

In September, during a live broadcast of a session of the Lower House, Argentine deputy Juan Emilio Ameri appeared to caress his wife.