Brazilian Throuple Reveals on Social Media Baby is on the Way

This Brazilian 'throuple' are expecting a baby to join their unorthodox family unit very soon.

Carol, Douglas, and Kah boast 18,100 followers on Instagram and have amassed 37,200 'likes' on TikTok.

But it was only when Carol announced that she was expecting the throuple's first baby that the trio really caused a stir online and made the headlines.

Zenger News spoke to Carol, who offered some insights into the trio's unorthodox relationship, in a country where Christian and conservative values are widely held.

Maria Carolina 'Carol' Rizola, 30, is an architect, Klayse 'Kah' Marques, 34, is a business consultant, and Douglas Queiroz, 33, is a fireman. They live in the city of Londrina, in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.

Carol, who was first in a couple with Douglas, said: "We met (Kah) through a dating app. It was very natural. Initially we weren't looking for a relationship, it was just supposed to be an experience, but we ended up falling in love, and then it was common to miss being with Kah all the time. We spent more time together than apart.

"The idea of creating the Instagram was for people to hear what our relationship was like from the horse's mouth and not through hearsay."

On where they see themselves in a decade, Carol told Zenger News: "I hope we are very happy, traveling loads and living with two or three children on the beach.

"I can definitely see us in old age, sharing our experiences and how we helped make the world a slightly better place for our grandchildren."

Carol said the trio's bond goes beyond looks. She said: "Most of the relationship is maintained by things other than just physical attraction. We fell in love with the people we are, we are friends, we are partners, we enjoy each other's company.

"Physical attraction is just a detail."

Brazil, Throuple, Baby
A Brazilian woman, Maria Carolina Rizola, 30, (middle), who is in a relationship both with her husband Douglas Queiroz, 33, (left) and Klayse Marques, 34, (right) is pregnant with a baby boy. @meutrisal/Zenger

And on the wider reaction to their unorthodox relationship, Carol said: "Many people send us messages of affection and love, supporting us and saying that they love the fact that we are spontaneous and we show how happy we are and how much we love each other.

"Many also send their best wishes and love to Henrique [their son-to-be].

"Unfortunately, some people show negative feelings about our relationship."

Carol continued: "We deal with it in a relaxed way, after all, we don't need approval from anyone, we are sure of our love and that's that.

"My family doesn't approve of the relationship, so they chose to distance themselves. Douglas' family doesn't approve either, but they respect us and want to stay close mainly because of the baby. Kah's family totally accepts us, they are wonderful and they are on our side, they can see that our love is pure."

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.