Breakfast Buffet, Friday, May 8

Stress-Free Friday: A stress test wrap-up from the NYT.

On Your Marx...: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez responds to the recession by nationalizing the docks and boats owned by oil-services companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger.

Gold Bugs Beware: All the bears are screaming "Buy gold!" to hedge against inflation, but check this interactive graphic on the history of gold prices first. It is, as the FT says, an "unstable metal," highly susceptible to political events.

Auto Anarchy: Why is there so much drama in the auto business these days? As Der Spiegel reports, Porsche tried and failed to take over Volkswagen, a company 15 times its size. The two will merge instead.

Money TV: The strange, trader-friendly journalism of CNBC: "In February, Power Lunch, the midday show, booked two of the canniest thinkers to emerge in the crisis, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the options trader and Black Swan author, and the economist Nouriel Roubini—only to find the two men stubbornly averse to saying anything that might risk making viewers any money."

The Government's Go-To Guy: Ever wonder how the government is valuing all those hard-to-value toxic, ahem, troubled, er, legacy assets? Answer: BlackRock.