Breakfast Buffet, Monday, April 13

Scrub Up: The Treasury Department is preparing General Motors for a fast, "surgical," bankruptcy.

Earnings Season: Some big names announce earnings this week, including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Markets are expected to sink today on worries over the financial health of major companies.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: More than a year into the financial crisis, Der Spiegel looks at which world leaders, business minds and pundits were right in their economic predictions -- and which were blindingly wrong. Bush, Bernanke, Trichet, and Merkel fall into the latter category; Buffett, Soros, Greenspan, and Roubini get bragging rights.

Money Managers Are at Fault, Too: It's not just the banks, mortgage brokers, and borrowers that sank the economy. Blame your pension fund and university endowment, too. Big funds own 70 percent of large public companies, and they failed to police them. "These managers arguably played a major role in allowing the managers of our public corporations to exploit the advantages of their own agency," says the legendary founder of Vanguard.