Breakfast Buffet: Monday, March 23

Tim Geithner's Economic Elixir, Revealed: Timothy Geithner attempts to save face after a rough week with an editorial in the WSJ defending his various economic recovery programs. Details TK in an 8:45 a.m. briefing on the plan.

Barack Obama, International PR Wizard: Barack Obama goes the global route, hitting up the op-ed section of 31 papers around the world as Geithner's wingman on the new proposal.

The World Is Round, Once Again: CFR's Brad Setzer illustrates why the world's crumbling financial system is bringing an end to the "Chimerica" of Bretton Woods II. One stunning indicator of the scope of this monster: Lehman's collapse had a bigger impact on international money flows than did 9/11.

The Wisdom of Continental Drift: James Surowiecki explains why Europeans are the new conservatives. Americans, by default, are the new wild-eyed leftists. And that may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Stiglitz & the UN Call for G20 Overhaul: A panel of 18 economists led by Nobel winner Joseph Stiglitz is proposing a new UN-based Global Economic Council to replace the G20. The group would have its own global reserve system and would better serve the developing world, they say.

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