Breakfast Buffet: Tuesday, April 14

Want a 22,000% Rate of Return on Your Investment?: Hire a lobbyist.

Down and Out in Germany: Some in the German government are thinking about setting up state-funded companies in which other firms can "park" their "redundant" workers while they ride out the recession. Read it along with this NYT analysis of the decline of Germany's automobile manufacturing industry.

Dumb Wars: The FT's Clive Crook dissects the US war on drugs and concludes it is "criminally stupid." Considering that decriminalization could bring in an extra $100 billion each year, he says, it's high time someone at the White House took a serious look at overhaul.

IMF Loosens Up: In an effort to remove the borrowing "stigma" that soured relations with many emerging markets, the IMF is doing away with its strict structural reform requirements. Countries in need of funds will now be able to continuing borrowing from the IMF even if they have not yet implemented all agreed-upon policy reforms.

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The Greatest Depression: What and when was the deepest economic collapse in any non-communist, non-wartime, fully industrialized country since the 1930s? Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution knows. Do you?

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