Breakfast Buffet, Wednesday, April 15

Green Acres: Two-thirds of Japan's full-time farmers are 65 or older, and some are hoping that mounting job losses in the corporate sector result in younger workers going back to the fields.

Crime and Punishment: Do economic hard times lead to more crime? Yes and no. Burglaries, thefts and the like tend to rise with unemployment, but violent crimes show little to no correlation.

In the Department of Scary Sentences: Bankrupt bank Lehman Bros. "is sitting on enough uranium cake to make a nuclear bomb as it waits for prices of the commodity to rebound, according to traders and nuclear experts."

Government Sachs: An op-ed contributor offers a good rundown of Goldman Sachs's strangely rosy first quarter earnings, and the suspicions that accompany their announcement.

Where Did It All Go?: ProPublica, the non-profit journalistic outlet funded by philanthropy, has a new site/blog chronicling how the bailout money has been spent, and even lets you search by recipient.

Don't Look Back in Anger: Edmund Phelps, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in economics, argues that the financial crisis should not be a reason to turn our backs on capitalism.