Breakfast Buffet, Wednesday, April 29

Stressful Days: Bloomberg reports that six of the country's 19 largest banks will be told to find more capital when the results of the stress quiz, er, test are revealed next week.

Know Thyself: after the Great Crash of 1929, Congress set up the Pecora Commission to investigate the shady financial activities that took place in the 1920s. An op-ed columnist in the WSJ doesn't see anything similar happening this time around because it would force Congress to investigate itself.

How the Sausage Gets Made: The New Yorker has a long profile of Peter Orszag, Obama's budget director. The article is light on economics and heavy on insight into the political process, but we do learn why Obama couldn't make a dent against farm subsidies. (Hint: Rich farmers!)

Another Day, Another Madoff: The SEC has arrested California financier Danny Pang, who allegedly defrauded investors of hundreds of millions.

Twelve Reasons to be Optimistic: Including this gem, #11: "Condé Nast has decided to shutter Portfolio after two years of struggle. The introduction of the glitzy magazine about Wall Street launched in the spring of 2007 marked the end of the bull market. Now its demise may mark the end of the bear market."