BREAKING: Senate Dems Push Off Health Care Until Fall

Bad news for President Obama: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just told reporters on Capitol Hill that the Senate won't take up health care until after Congress's August recess. "It's better to get a product that's based on quality and thoughtfulness than on trying to just get something through," Reid told reporters, according to Politico. The hold-up is apparently stalled negotiations in the Senate Finance Committee, which is debating how to pay for health care reform. Democratic Sen. Max Baucus, who chairs the committee, has been attempting to craft a bill that will get bipartisan support. According to Reid, the decision was made late Wednesday night (around the time President Obama was giving his news conference) that the Senate Finance committee simply needed more time. The White House had wanted to see a vote by this Friday in the Finance Committee, in hopes of seeing the larger bill move to the Senate floor for a vote by Aug. 7th. It's unclear if the Baucus's group plans to wrap up its work by the recess or if the committee vote will be delayed until the fall as well. No response from the White House just yet, but Obama is set to speak soon in Ohio, where he is holding a town hall in suburban Cleveland.