Breitbart Declares 'War' on Trump Administration After Bannon's White House Exit

Steve Bannon, who left Breitbart to work on Donald Trump’s campaign and became the White House’s chief strategist, with the president. Evan Vucci/AP

"How will Breitbart and its millions of readers take this?"

That was one of the main questions surrounding President Donald Trump's decision Friday to send chief political strategist Steve Bannon out of the White House. It's unclear at present whether Trump opted to push out Bannon or if the former Breitbart chief and Goldman Sachs executive had already offered his resignation earlier this month, with an end date of Friday.

Either way, Breitbart readers and one of the conservative news outlet's editors immediately took to comment sections and Twitter. Specifically, they appear to be concerned that Bannon, who's been labeled a nationalist of the white and economic varieties—with the latter called unfair—was the only member of Trump's staff pushing him toward the right and focused on keeping Trump campaign promises like better trade deals and the Mexican border wall.

Though he did not mention Bannon's exit, a Breitbart editor, Joel Pollak, tweeted a simple hashtag after his departure: "#WAR."

He also suggested that Friday was the "worst day" of Trump's presidency so far.

A report from New York magazine indicated that Bannon is already set to return to Breitbart and that a source said Trump's administration is like a "Democrat White House."

Breitbart also has published two articles questioning whether Trump will abandon his agenda or the base that helped him earn the highest political office in the country, One suggested Trump could become Arnold Schwarzenegger "2.0," referencing the actor's time as a moderate Republican governor of California, albeit one that supposedly "abandoned the political base that had brought him into office."

Another focused on a report from Axios that ominously warned, "Get ready for Bannon the barbarian."

Reportedly, Bannon's potential actions once outside of the West Wing also were of concern to Trump, and a reason why Bannon was still part of the administration despite infighting with fellow advisers like National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Trump was supposedly afraid that Bannon could turn on him and become a very vocal voice outside, and against, the administration, Reuters reported earlier this week.

Another right-leaning outlet, Conservative Review, published a piece titled "Steve Bannon Is Out. Only Liberals Are Left." The article stressed that "New York liberals," like the National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Kushner, McMaster and the president's daughter Ivanka were the staffers opposing the more conservative parts of Trump's agenda.

However, reactions by some Reddit users in one subreddit, called "Ask Trump Supporters," had mixed feelings about Bannon leaving.

"Extremely disappointed he chose to fire Bannon, who pushed Trump's campaign agenda, over someone like Kushner," one user wrote.

Another hoped the move would not change Trump.

"I don't like this move at all," the user wrote. "Bannon doesn't have the best history, but he's at the heart of the nationalist agenda that I like. Same with Stephen Miller.

"I just hope Trump doesn't become what they're trying to turn him into, which is another Bush."

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