'There Bloody Is:' David Icke Responds to David Cameron's Dismissal Of Brexit 'Conspiracy Theory'

David Icke
David Icke in 2008. The conspiracy theorist has called the EU a "con." Stefano Maffei

When British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday there was no "David Icke-style" conspiracy to keep Britain in the EU, he was probably using the former sports presenter and conspiracy theorist's name in a general, illustrative sense.

But Icke himself, who wants Britain to leave the union and also has claimed that the U.K. royal family are bloodsucking alien lizards in disguise, was swift to respond in no uncertain terms.

His rebuttal? "There bloody is."

"Thanks for showing I'm touching a nerve," he added, in a tweet featuring a picture of Cameron.

David Icke’s response to David Cameron on EU ‘no conspiracy’ statement: https://t.co/l817VIzZqE pic.twitter.com/I3kcKoMVP7

— David Icke (@davidicke) March 3, 2016

"Well, well, well," Icke added in a video posted on his blog. "King of fascinating why [Cameron] felt the need to deny it, and even more fascinating when it's so bloody obvious that that is exactly what's going on."

Icke called the EU "a vehicle for the incessant centralizing of power in the hands of a few dark suit bureaucrats."

"It's a farce, it's a con, and worst of all Mr Cameron, you bloody know it," he added.