Mulroney Twins Had 'So Much Fun' At Royal Wedding, Dad Ben Says

The page boy whose photograph was turned into a meme during the royal wedding on Saturday has finally been identified.

Brian and John Mulroney, the 7-year-old twins of Meghan Markle's friend Jessica Mulroney, served as page boys at the royal wedding. While both boys stole the show—along with the rest of Markle and Prince Harry's bridesmaids and page boys—it was little Brian who found himself most popular on Saturday after a photo of him smiling wide with missing teeth went viral.

This page boy couldn't contain his excitement. 😂

— People (@people) May 19, 2018

According to Brian's dad, Canadian TV host Ben Mulroney, it may have been the sound of the trumpets that sparked Brian's excitement, which was so adorably captured in the picture. "I asked him [about it] and he said he'd never heard a trumpet before," Ben Mulroney explained during an appearance on Toronto's Your Morning on Tuesday.

"And I think when he walked in, I think he saw all the people there and the flowers—none of that was there during the rehearsal," he added.

As for the twins' festive car ride with Markle to St. George's Chapel with Markle, Ben Mulroney said he encouraged his sons to enjoy the experience, and it certainly showed on their excited and happy faces as they were photographed waving and smiling at spectators on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Although rehearsals and the many formalities that came with Markle and Prince Harry's wedding resulted in a few stressful moments, Ben Mulroney said all of the children really seemed to have had a good time participating in the wedding. "There had been so much talk about getting it right with the rehearsals and these kids are so young," he said.

"There was a lot of worries that this wouldn't get done right, but they're having so much fun with it," Ben Mulroney continued. "It was pretty darn joyful."

By the end of the wedding, the Mulroney twins ended up making friends with the other page boys—Prince George, 4, and Harry's 6-year-old godson Jasper Dyer— who reportedly told his parents, Mark and Amanda Dyer, that he "really likes those Canadian boys very much."

Ben Mulroney noted his 4-year-old daughter Ivy Mulroney made "very good friends" with the other bridesmaids—Princess Charlotte, 3, Markle's goddaughters Remi Litt, 6, Rylan Litt, 7, and Harry's goddaughters Florence van Cutsem, 3, and 2-year-old Zalie Warren.