Brian Williams Mocks Greg Abbott for Pandering to Trump Base: 'Dogs Can't Vote'

MSNBC host Brian Williams lashed out at Greg Abbott for pandering to former President Donald Trump after the Texas Governor vetoed a bill that aimed to protect dogs from serious harm.

Williams slammed Abbott on Wednesday night's episode of The 11th Hour for vetoing Senate Bill 474, known as the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, which would have made it illegal to chain up dogs and leaving them outside without drinkable water, shelter or adequate shade.

The bill would have also handed powers to rescue groups to scan pets for microchips and given tax breaks to pet rescue organizations.

But, the Republican Governor said earlier this week in a statement: "Texas is no place for this kind of micro-managing and over-criminalization."

Responding to the widely criticized move, Williams said Abbott was pushing or opposing legislation that would please Trump.

Hitting out at Abbott, Williams added: "His state doesn't have a dependable power grid, and yet he's going to build his own wall on the border. And he's being richly rewarded by a visit from his guy, Trump, next week."

He continued: "If Abbott wants to, say, run for President, he must be more further ensconced in a particular area of Trump's anatomy than even Ron DeSantis of Florida. And that won't be easy.

"Sure the pretend outrage over critical race theory helps Abbott as does the voter suppression bill he's been working so hard to enact and that guns for everyone legislation he signed. But, now, he's outdone even himself."

Williams later fired a parting shot at Abbott and said of the Governor's veto: "That goes right to the base, at least it's designed to. Now tonight that hashtag Abbott Hates Dogs is trending.

Appealing to the Trump Base

"Remember the rules, when you're trying to appeal to that Trump base nothing can be outrageous or shocking enough. Because Abbott figures dogs can't vote."

He finally ended the segment with a tongue-in-cheek statement: "And really, what have dogs ever done for us?"

Abbott will welcome Trump to the Lone Star State next week where they will travel to address the crisis at the border.

The Texas Governor last week announced plans to build a crowdfunded border wall with a $250 million "down payment" from the state budget.

Trump's visit is a gift to Abbott, who is facing re-election next year and has been the subject of speculation that he's positioning himself to run for the presidency.

Newsweek has asked MSNBC and Gov. Abbott for comment.

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Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vetoed a bill that was writted to protect dogs. In this photo, Abbott leaves a press conference with local and federal law enforcement at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) following a deadly shooting spree on September 1, 2019 in Odessa, Texas. Cengiz Yar/Getty