Sister-in-Law Uninvited to Wedding for Damaging Bride's Dress Splits Views

Reddit has been captivated by the story of a woman whose wedding dress was damaged by her sister-in-law "having a seizure," resulting in the latter being banned from the former's nuptials.

In a post by user Both_Ad8736 on Reddit's Am I The A**hole (AITA) sub, the bride-to-be said she has "never gotten along" with her sister-in-law (Kate). "She is really possessive of my mom, kind of competitive, and sometimes I think my mom likes her more than me."

The user, who was due to wear her mother's old wedding gown for her ceremony, said she was "devastated" to be told that the custom-made dress was "damaged due to Kate having a seizure (she has epilepsy) while trying it on and spilling something." Epilepsy is a brain disorder that can cause seizures.

While the user "does not blame Kate for having a medical condition," adding "I'm sure it was unexpected and scary," she was "confused" about why Kate was wearing it.

The user said: "My mom told me she told Kate to put it on so she could take pictures of her. I was grossed out and confused. My mom tried explaining that it was sentimental as it was her dress first, and she wanted to see Kate in it...feel really violated.

The original poster decided she did not want Kate at her wedding as "I feel so creeped out that she put the dress on."

The mom accused the user of "being unfair as it was her dress first," while Kate called the user a "psycho." She said her brother is upset and "thinks I'm being cruel because the seizure wasn't her [Kate's] fault."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Women at wedding dress shop.
A woman seen trying on wedding dress, while two other women watch and take pictures of the woman in the dress. A woman who was banned from attending her sister-in-law's wedding after trying on the bride's dress and damaging has sparked debate on Reddit. iStock/Getty Images Plus

According to a survey of 2,223 couples with weddings between March 2020 and December 2022 conducted by Zola, the wedding planning website, 72 percent of those surveyed used the terms "very" and "extremely" to describe wedding planning stress, a sharp rise from 40 percent who reported the same in 2018.

The average cost of a wedding dress in 2021 was reported to be $1,800, according to a February 2022 survey of more than 15,000 couples who got married in 2021, conducted by The Knot, another wedding planning website. Just under 20 percent used a custom-made dress.

According to a February 2021 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Research in Human Development, "in-law relationships can act as sources of both support and stress for couples. Independent of the nature of the actual relationships with in-laws, it may be that couple similarity in perceptions of these ties determines if they undermine or facilitate marital stability."

The latest Reddit post, which had received 5,600 upvotes at the time of writing, sparked debate among Redditors.

In a comment that got 12,200 upvotes at the time of writing, user Desert_Sea_4998 simply suggested: "Buy a new dress."

In a comment that got 4,600 upvotes, user Dot81 agreed, noting: "Wearing that dress will be a negative thing. You'll think of this story whenever you look at the pictures. Find something else. ESH [everyone sucks here]"

In a comment that got 691 upvotes, SwimmingDifferent977 said: "How does ESH [everyone sucks here]? The bride lost her wedding dress because her mother and brother don't respect boundaries. The bride is NTA [not the a**hole] in reaction at all."

In a comment that got 319 upvotes. User IdlersDreamGirl agreed, stating: "Mom is definitely an AH [a**hole] for wanting Kate to try on a dress that her own daughter was going to wear just to take a picture of it.

"Had Kate not had a seizure, would they have been able to keep the pic a secret forever?...Why tf did the Mom want to do this? She is very weird...Kate is AH for happily going along with it," IdlersDreamGirl wrote, adding that the user's brother is "AH too" for "taking his wife's side without thinking of how unfair it is to OP [original poster]..."

In a comment that got 1,400 upvotes, user OrindaSarnia said: "Yeah - but ESH...The dress getting damaged is mother's fault! Kate may very well have tried [the] dress on just to keep the mother happy, so if anyone gets uninvited to the wedding, it should be the mother...

OrindaSarnia added: "Kate sucks a bit because she should have known better, but again, we don't know exactly how the try-on session went...I think OP is taking out her anger on Kate because it doesn't feel 'safe' to take her anger out on her own mother directly...buying a new dress to wear is probably the best way to move past this whole incident!"