Bride and Groom Brave Floods in Giant Cooking Vessel to Get to Wedding on Time

A bride and groom in India traveled through flooded streets in a cooking pot over the weekend in order to reach their wedding on time, according to multiple reports.

The couple—health care workers Aishwarya and Rahul—arranged for their ceremony to take place at a local temple in Thakazhi, a village in the Indian state of Kerala, IANS reported. But heavy rain flooded the state throughout the weekend, causing many of the roads to be "utterly inaccessible."

According to Al Jazeera, at least 28 people have been killed throughout the state as a result of the inclement weather.

Despite the harsh conditions, however, the couple did not want to postpone their nuptials. Because the streets were fully submerged, they borrowed a cooking pot from a local temple which they used as a makeshift boat. Two men and a photographer guided the couple through the flooded streets to the venue, said The Guardian.

When they finally arrived at the temple, the couple found that the marriage hall was also flooded. But the stage on which the marriage ceremony was meant to take place was still above water, said IANS. So, in front of several guests and a priest, the bride and groom were wed.

"We were not scared to travel in the vessel," Rahul told the wire agency.

Aishwarya added, "We all are happy that the wedding took place at the planned auspicious time."

The "auspicious time" or muhurtham "dictates the start of the Hindu marriage ceremony," said the California-based wedding photography company Lin and Jirsa on its website.

"Based on the couple's horoscopes, the priest determines the most auspicious day to conduct the marriage and time to start the ceremony," Lin and Jirsa said. "The calculation is derived from Hindu Vedic Astrology and is of utmost importance in order to avoid the presence of evil eye at the wedding."

"Due to modern-day culture, some couples opt to choose their own wedding date however maintain the tradition of calculating a muhurtham time to begin the rituals," Lin and Jirsa continued.

Neither Aishwarya nor Rahul wanted to postpone their ceremony, as it was an "auspicious event," India Today reported.

Indian journalist Shilpa shared a video to Twitter that showed the couple sailing through the flooded streets. Many commenters were delighted by the couple's ingenuity and dedication and wished them well.

"Impressive determination," said John Appleby.

"Memorable story of getting hitched," tweeted Storm Georg. "Family folklore created."

"God wishes for the married couple," added Devanayagam.

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A bride and groom in India traveled through flooded streets in a cooking pot over the weekend in order to reach their wedding on time. The couple didn't want to postpone the ceremony because of muhurtham or "auspicious time." SAM PANTHAKY / Contributor/Getty