Bride Says Video Shows Mother-in-Law Trying to Replace Her at the Altar

A TikTok video has gone viral as another example of in-laws behaving poorly, this time as early on as the wedding.

With more than two million views and counting, the video, posted by user @hey_heypaula, features captions narrating the poster's strange experience while taking her vows. In the video, she claims her mother-in-law, who can be seen hovering just inches from the bride during the ceremony, was trying to "take her spot" at the altar.

"She was actually trying to take my spot," Paula wrote, also pointing out that her mother-in-law was wearing "all white for the occasion." As many said in the comments on the post, on the list of wedding dos and don'ts, wearing all white as a guest probably goes at the top of "don't."

"Honestly, if my mother-in-law wears white to my wedding, I will shout down the whole place saying we aren't getting married today and just walk away," said one commenter.

Paula then points an on-screen arrow to her in-law, who can be seen throughout the video standing directly next to or behind the bride and moving several times to remain at the center of the action.

"Second time minister asked her to back up," she said. In response to a comment asking why viewers couldn't hear this happening, she clarified that "the audio won't come through but he literally had to ask her to back up and that she (mother-in-law) was in her entire video."

She later shared a second video where the minister can be heard saying "come over here, mom."

While some commented that they would not have stayed quiet if they were in Paula's place and others insisted that the groom should have intervened, some suspected the bride to be at fault. Some even stereotyped her as being a bridezilla or "one of those brides."

"She's literally just standing there, smiling and taking pictures. She never once tried to take your spot. I feel bad for your husband," a follower commented.

The video is shared with the hashtag "#monsterinlaw," and Paula said in the captions that she felt her mother-in-law lacked respect or consideration during her nuptials.

"I felt her the grim reaper on my back the whole ceremony," she said at the end of the video.

In a third video captioned "the end of my story," she clarifies that she divorced the man in the video, sharing a montage of pictures of her family, her ex and the divorce. In other posts to her page, she claims that her mother-in-law remained an issue throughout the marriage, even accusing her of trying to leave the hospital with her newborn granddaughter hours after birth.

She says in other clips that her relationship and marriage were unhealthy and that she is "glad" it is all in the past—and that her mother-in-law is now also an ex.

Paula is not the first to use TikTok to vent about her precarious relationship with her mother-in-law. The app often sees trends of users sharing their toxic in-law stories, and they seem to resonate with many.

As far as in-laws go, another bride in China received an even bigger shock than a rude guest when she found out that the groom's mom was actually her long-lost mother on her wedding day.

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