Bride Spills 'Piping Hot Tea' on Wedding Party in Controversial Video

A bride took to social media last week to air some of her wedding party's dirty laundry and revealed that she's no longer friends with some of them.

Pea Tear Griffin (@peatreeeee) "spilled the tea" in a now-viral TikTok video, writing: "Weddings bring the best and worst out of some people." It has amassed over 1 million views and nearly 1,500 comments from viewers, many of whom called the video "relatable." Still, some shamed Griffin for sharing her grievances with her former friends.

Weddings and Friendships

It's not uncommon for couples to lose touch with members of their wedding party once the big day is over. Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Rachel Darke, former editor of Wedding Ideas, said this is because wedding planning tends to "bring out the extremes" of everyone involved.

"In my experience, wedding planning brings out the absolute extremes in all but the couple who choose to run off for a party of two. The pressure of putting on the best day for 100s of guests brings Jekyll and Hyde together, and of course, this is going to affect friendships," Darke said.

Bride with bridesmaids
A bride took to social media last week to air some of her wedding party’s dirty laundry and revealed that she’s no longer friends with some of them. Zinkevych/istock

Simone Bose, a counselor at the Relate charity, added that weddings can cause friendship dynamics to shift, which can be upsetting to some, specifically bridesmaids.

"Wedding planning can be a stressful time [for a bridesmaid], and it may be the first time they are seeing their friend as someone who is delegating tasks and has demands. It may feel a little hierarchical and tensions may run high with so much money being spent and [so many] expectations for the day," Bose told Newsweek.

'Spilling the Tea'

In her video, Griffin shared individual photos of each member of her wedding party and briefly explained their current friendship status. While she and her husband are still friends with several groomsmen—two are "fairy godfathers" to her sons—she's lost touch with most of her bridesmaids.

"She complained about everything in the build-up to the wedding," Griffin said of one of her bridesmaids. "[She] sulked all day, and then we never heard from her again."

She said of a different bridesmaid: "[We] stayed friends for a bit, and then one day she deleted me [from] her socials and never told me why."

Another bridesmaid, she said, "recently outed herself as a bigot," and while she's still friends with the fourth, they're "not as close" as they once were.

Viewers React

As previously stated, many viewers thought Griffin's video was "relatable," and they thanked her for showing what "real life" looks like.

"Love this showing real life and not just sunshine [and] roses. It's sad but it's what happens sometimes. [It's] so refreshing to see this," Isha said.

"This is so relatable. And I've always felt so alone in this," one user wrote.

"Thank you for sharing this! I only speak to 2/6 bridesmaids. They were horrible. Wish I didn't have any!!!!!" a_r-h exclaimed.

Others questioned Griffin's motives for sharing the video and told her to "self-reflect."

"Why would you do this?" one user asked.

"If lost that many close friends that were in my party, I would seriously do some self-reflection and ask if I'm the problem," penny boop said.

"I'd love to hear their opinions of you," Abi Hawkins added.

Some, meanwhile, didn't appear to have an opinion either way—they just loved the drama.

"The teaaaaaa is piping," Chelsea May said.

Lindsay commented: "I absolutely cannot wait for the piping hot drama this is gonna start! Algorithm don't fail me now."

Newsweek has reached out to Pea Tear Griffin for comment.

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09/29/2022, 6:00 p.m. EST: This article has been updated to include a comment from Simone Bose.