Bride Uninvites Friend to Engagement Party After 'Demeaning' Ring Comment

Don't mess with this bride and her engagement ring.

In the latest strange wedding drama news, a woman has alleged that after a friend made such "demeaning" comments about her engagement ring, she has decided to rescind her invitation to the engagement celebration altogether.

The anonymous bride, known only as u/rach56878 on Reddit, posted her dilemma to the r/AmITheA*****e forum, which is commonly used by Redditors to share personal stories and get audience feedback on how the situation was or is being handled. Since posting her allegations last week against her friend referred to by the alias "Amy," her story has been upvoted over 4,000 times by invested readers.

The bride-to-be began her rant with some background on her love life and how she became engaged to her boyfriend of six years last month.

"My [fiancé] works in the tech industry and makes a very good amount," she prefaced. "For our engagement, my [fiancé] ended up picking probably the most perfect ring for me. It was very expensive, however, and he refused to tell me the exact price and just said it was upwards of $40k."

In light of their upcoming nuptials, the couple plans to host an engagement party with their friends and family, including the pal in question. She and Amy have had their ups and downs, but the bride-to-be claimed to have been a "generous" friend to Amy in times of financial struggle.

"Amy and I met at my work and have been close friends for about four years. However, she is definitely my most complicated friendship," she wrote in the post. " a young single mom and has struggled financially. Throughout the years, I have offered a lot of financial support to her such as paying for her meals and trips, paying for her daughter's school trips and gifts, purchasing home goods for them, etc."

Things went awry at a recent brunch get-together, in which Amy allegedly made some off-color remarks about the hefty cost of the Redditor's ring.

"[Amy] immediately asked me how much [my fiancé] paid for it and I refused to tell her the amount, just stating that it was probably pretty expensive," the bride claimed. "Then she said, 'It looks like it's at least $50,000...Don't you think it's kind of s****y to spend that much on a ring when even a fifth of that money could've pulled a family out of poverty?'"

The anonymous bride felt offended by the blunt comment, claiming that she believes "you should never tell someone how to spend their money."

"I tried lightening up the situation, but then she pushed further and said, 'But seriously though...he could've donated half of that to a nice charity and probably saved many lives. Wow, rich people really surprise me sometimes.'" the woman alleged.

After the brunch incident, the bride claimed she "was not comfortable" having Amy in attendance at her engagement party.

"It takes me a while to get over rude comments like hers and I just did not want any tension/unresolved anger at our celebration," she explained, calling Amy's statements "demeaning" and "disrespectful." Amy allegedly asked for a second chance, having not realized her words were hurtful.

"She responded shortly after apologizing for the comment and said how she didn't know it would affect me that much," the Redditor claimed. "She promised she'd be better about it and asked me to reconsider the party because she's already bought an outfit and hired a babysitter, and was looking forward to celebrating with me."

Amy allegedly added she'd "misjudged [the bride's] character," claiming she was being overly-sensitive about the issue.

Bride 'unfriends' woman over engagement ring comment
A woman has alleged that a close friend made such rude comments about her engagement ring she decided to kick her off the guest list for her engagement party. Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

The majority of comments on the thread supported the bride's decision. Many took the chance to slam Amy for her thoughtlessness given all the bride has done for her in the past.

"I, myself, am a single mom with a slew of ill-advised marriages under my belt. And I will admit, I've been jealous of other friends having good men and all the trimmings I want," one reader shared. "Having said that, I would NEVER say something so...tacky to any of them. I smile and congratulate them, genuinely and sincerely, and then try to renew my faith that at some point, I will also get my happy ending."

"I am of the opinion that she sees [the original poster] as a cash cow and is back tracking to save her own a**. It was the 'I've misjudged you' that did it for me," another added. "As long as she thinks she can get money out of [the original poster], I think she'll try to stick around and guilt trip [the original poster], especially if she knows [the original poster] is a push-over."

Others chimed in to note that while they felt the price of the ring was excessive, it was not their money to spend and not their place to judge.

"The guy worked for the money. If he wants to spend $50,000 on Oreos, that is his right. If he wants to spend it on a rock attached to a metal circle, more power to him," one said.

"'Could've pulled a family out of poverty' was not even sneaky code for 'could've pulled [Amy's] family out of poverty' for sure," another added.

Some found humor in the situation, saying that by Amy's logic it was foolish of her to purchase a new outfit for the occasion.

"She bought an outfit just for a party? Doesn't she know she could have donated that money to a homeless person and bought them food for a week?!" one commenter said. "Amy only cares about herself and won't ever be a true and good friend. She'll always have crappy feelings towards [the original poster's] future life choices and things. No one needs a 'friend' who can't be happy for them," another added.

Newsweek was unable to independently verify the claims made on the Reddit thread.

Similarly, one conflicted Redditor shared her wedding season woes to the platform after the bride told her to leave her husband at home because he was "too short" to come to the wedding. Another woman claimed to have been kicked out of a bridal party for not allowing her sister to have her honeymoon at her house.

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