Bridesmaid Kisses Groom Onstage in Front of Bride in Viral Video

A potentially awkward love triangle played out in front of millions on Chinese social media after an excited bridesmaid kissed her friend's husband onstage during their wedding ceremony on Saturday.

The video posted to Douyin—the Chinese version of the hugely popular short-video platform TikTok—has been viewed nearly seven million times at the time of writing.

The clip, which was filmed by a wedding guest during the event in the city of Shangqiu, in China's central province of Henan, shows the 24-year-old bridesmaid bounding forward to give her friend a hug before turning her attention to the besuited groom.

She appears to attempt to kiss him on the lips but only manages to do so on his cheek as he turns away, the video shows. The 29-year-old bride manages to keep a straight face throughout.

The footage began to trend on Douyin and later became a trending topic on China's Twitter-like microblogging service Weibo, with the bride having to put out a statement in order to quell the floods of comments inundating her social media posts.

Posting under the Douyin username "M. Yangyangyang," she said: "Hi, everyone. I'm the bride from the wedding. I'd like to clarify the relationship between my bridesmaid and my husband.

"The two of them are close friends in real life. They treat each other like siblings. The girl has a personality like a boy; she's very outgoing and always very happy around us. She makes us laugh and is always the first to defend and take care of me.

"You'll all have many opinions after watching the video, but she has already realized that what she did was inappropriate. It was our wedding day, and she now understands.

"My husband's a nice guy. He has a good relationship with all of my friends. I hope everyone can let this matter go and stop commenting about my friend."

Douyin commenters, however, were left unconvinced by her statement, urging her to keep a close eye on her friend.

The newlywed replied: "Now I have the entire internet watching her."

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File photo: A bride poses in traditional Chinese wedding clothing during a pre-wedding photo shoot in Beijing, China. FRED DUFOUR/AFP via Getty Images