'Bridezilla' Sparks Fury After Asking Beachgoers to Move to Avoid Wedding

A bride's request on her wedding day was criticized online after she admitted to asking people to move out of the sea so they wouldn't be in the background of her wedding ceremony.

Taking to popular Subreddit "Am I the A**hole," the bride shared that she recently had a wedding on the beach of a hotel in Cancun, Mexico. The day, however, ended in an argument between the newly-married couple after her actions.

During the ceremony, she explained in the post, people could be seen in the sea playing and on jet skis. "It really bothered me because they would appear in the background so I told my wedding planner about it. She was very understanding and said she would fix it," wrote the anonymous bride.

Talking to the people in the sea and the owners of the activities, however, gained nothing when they simply declined the request and continued on.

Beach wedding
A bride's complaints about people in the sea during her beach wedding have caused a stir online. Above: Stock image of a beach wedding. Getty Images

"I even took the time to go myself and ask them to stop but they didn't care," she admitted. "I was about to go and tell someone from the hotel but my now-husband stopped me and said it would be an a**hole thing to do. I told him standing up for myself wasn't an a**hole thing to do and went looking for hotel staff, but they said there was nothing they could do."

Although many might not admit it, a large portion of to-be-weds are dubbed as "bridezillas," with recent research finding that a third of brides have been classed as one.

This bride didn't escape that same treatment, as users rushed to slam her actions. "Wow, so entitled. Have you ever heard the term bridezilla OP? Because you're it. Betting your husband is having second thoughts right about now," wrote one user.

"Entitled beyond measure," noted another. "People aren't going to stop their vacation activity when you get married on a beach. Pay your photographer for photoshop or deal with having random people in the back of the shot."

Another agreed, asking: "Do you really think you own the horizon? I can't believe the wedding planner humored your request. Use photoshop like everyone else because you cannot expect to own part of the ocean even on your wedding day."

"You do not choose to get married in a public place and then expect the public to cater to you," warned another Reddit user. "I work in a public place where people love to get married. I always warn the prospective couple that there will be strangers in the background of their photo shoots, that people will try to sneak in for food, and that if you don't have a dedicated cake guard, Fred the seagull will destroy your cake. If you want a private wedding, rent a private venue. It is not the public's problem that you chose to get married during their vacation."

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