Britain faces biscuit shortage after Storm Desmond

Carlisle flood waters
The city centre under flood waters in Carlisle, England, December 7, 2015. A Carlisle biscuit factory suffered severe flooding, halting production ever since. REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Britain faces a shortage of teatime favorites including bourbons, custard creams and ginger nuts after a Carlisle biscuit factory was hit by Storm Desmond in December 2015, with severe flooding halting production ever since.

Reports suggest that biscuit fans could be waiting until mid-spring for many popular brands to return to U.K. supermarket shelves.

The United Biscuits factory produces cookies for companies such as McVitie's, Jacob's and Carr's. In a statement, Mike Heaney, the factory's general manager, said: "Resuming factory production is a priority for us," but a date has not yet been set.

"We apologize if our loyal consumers are finding it difficult to get hold of some of these products," he added.

Supermarket forecasts are not reassuring. A Sainsbury's spokesperson admitted that stocks will not be back to normal until mid-to-end of April.

Tesco, however, promises that biscuits will be back on shelves by February 28 and Waitrose denies its custard creams have been affected. A spokesperson from Morrisons said the supermarket is "not seeing supply problems on any lines." Which will come as a sharp relief to many.