British Man Convicted Thanks to Cameras in His Own Home Capturing Domestic Assault Against Ex-Girlfriend

Stefan Carr brutally attacked his ex-girlfriend, Bethany Marchant, this past May. Today, he was sentenced to 11 years, 3 months in prison due in part to evidence captured on home security cameras Carr had installed in his own home.

Carr, of Castleford in West Yorkshire, England, was recorded, among other things, tying the noose he later hung Marchant from. A statement released by West Yorkshire law enforcement states Carr attempted to force Marchant to enter a parked van. He also threatened Marchant with a knife.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Marchant convinced Carr to drive her to a nearby hospital. But Carr threatened to drive the vehicle into a reservoir and drown them both. At that point, police arrived after a call from a neighbor.

Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa Rolfe of West Yorkshire Police said the case against Carr was strengthened by the home recordings he made.

Carr had been released on bail for two previous attacks on a different female victim. After their break-up, Carr believed she was seeing someone else. He was charged with punching the woman in the face and attempting to suffocate her.

BBC News quoted Marchant after Carr's sentence was announced. "I will never trust nobody again," she said. "He completely fooled and manipulated me."

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Cameras like this may have helped convict a British man on assault charges Getty

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