British Police Rows Back on VIP Paedophile Investigation

Scotland Yard has said that one of their key investigations into allegations of paedophilia among the British political elite may be "compromised," due to "potential conflicts between media and criminal investigations." The investigation, known as Operation Midland, centers on the alleged homicide of three young boys at the hands of powerful Westminster figures.

In a lengthy statement concerning the controversial investigation, the Metropolitan police appeared to retreat from a statement made last year in which it said that allegations about a sadistic child-sex group at the Dolphin Square apartment complex near Westminster, were "credible and true." Midland was set up last November after a witness known as "Nick" alleged that boys, including himself, had been abused by a group of powerful men in the 1970s and 1980s.

Several high profile figures have criticised the investigation including former director of public prosecutions Lord Ken Macdonald QC, for appearing to rely too heavily on the evidence of Nick, who claimed to have witnessed three boys being killed. Yet according to media reports, it does not appear that the police have searched for or identified any bodies, and the testimony of another witness has since been ruled out.

In the statement, a police spokesperson explained that the witness was interviewed for several days by detectives specialising in homicide and child abuse investigations, leading a senior investigating officer to say he believed the key witness and felt him to be "credible." "Had he not made that considered, professional judgment, we would not have investigated in the way we have," the statement reads.

The statement goes on: "We acknowledge that describing the allegations as 'credible and true' suggested we were pre-empting the outcome of the investigation." The spokesperson added that those making the allegations were often "very vulnerable individuals."

The statement continues: "The integrity of our investigation is paramount, and the public can have confidence that allegations of homicide are being investigated thoroughly. Our officers have the resources to test all the evidence, and we have not yet completed this task."

Operation Midland has drawn criticism in recent months for acting on the evidence of just one witness, with high profile MPs accusing the police of conducting a "witch-hunt." Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police officer who exposed Jimmy Savile as a serial sex offender, told The Guardian newspaper earlier this month that many of the current allegations against political figures are unfounded. "I don't believe this is a witch-hunt, but I do believe that the police are failing to properly evidence and investigate allegations prior to either making them public or reporting them as being factually 100% correct," he said.

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