British Politicians Rebel Against Any Further COVID Lockdowns

British members of Parliament (MPs) have created a group to argue against any future lockdowns in England, saying that the "cure" of restrictive measures could be "worse than the disease."

England is currently under tight lockdown restrictions, with all non-essential shops and pubs, gyms and non-elite sport shut down and people limited to only seeing one other person in outdoor settings. This is currently in place until December 2 but, some have warned, threatens to run further into December and potentially into early 2021 when a vaccine is hoped to begin its rollout.

The group, rumored to contain up to 50 MPs, is arguing that the evidence must be scrutinized more openly and that any further lockdowns should be treated with caution.

"The country is badly in need of a different and enduring strategy for living with the virus that doesn't require us to keep living under a series of damaging lockdowns and seemingly arbitrary restrictions," MP Mark Harper, ex-government chief whip and chair of the group, wrote in the Telegraph newspaper.

In a separate interview, Harper laid out the months ahead before a vaccine is likely to arrive.

"It was really positive news about the vaccine but it is clear that is going to take a number of months, assuming it all goes well, before it's rolled out across the population," Harper, told the BBC. "There are some really big decisions to take in the months [to come], not just for the government but members of Parliament.

"You've got to look at the evidence, it's clear that the lockdown has come with really big costs and the measures that we voted on last week in parliament, there was no economic impact assessment provided, we weren't given any information about the economic costs of the lockdown.

"The NHS [National Health Service] and GPs [general practicitioners] are going to be a really essential part of rolling out a vaccine but GPs are going to have to stop providing certain treatments, I understand, and we need to to make sure we prioritize the right things they're focusing on so we don't damage people's health as we roll out the vaccine."

This rebellion comes after rumors are circulating around Westminster that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was "bounced" into a second lockdown after documents were leaked to the media before any decision had been made and might not have made the same decision if documents had remained secret.

Downing Street has denied that claim saying that there were a number of pieces of evidence that led to the decision and that the measures put in place were necessary.