25 Weird Royal Rules Meghan Markle Must Now Follow

Of course, some rules are meant to be broken.
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25 Weird Royal Rules Meghan Markle Must Now Follow Newsweek

It's not easy being a member of the royal family. Sure there's the fancy parties and palaces you get to live in, the lavish travel, fans from around the world supporting (and judging) everything you do. But there are also a super strict set of rules, originally compiled by Harpar's Bazaar, that every member of the royal family must follow, and frankly, some of them are super strange.

Things like being groomed to both wave and speak in a graceful manner, zero cleavage whatsoever—and the queen's insistence that her dogs have gourmet meals—are just some of the strict rules the royal family either must adhere to or they insist others adhere to.

Some rules are meant to be broken, like the "no fur" rule King Edward III mandated and the royal rule against holding hands (we see you Kate). Princess Diana famously broke royal protocols, almost gleefully rebelling against the system. She did shocking things, like writing her own wedding vows, picking her own engagement ring, and refusing formalities. She might be England's Rose, but deep down she was England's rebel.

Now as Meghan Markle joins the growing royal family, she's in store for a big culture shock, and not just because she's an American. In some instances, the royal family's rules are unique unto themselves, even confusing some native Brits.

Markle would be wise to follow one rule learned very early by Prince William. He once said, "As I learned from growing up, you don't mess with your grandmother." Like many families, what grandma says goes.

Here are some of the strange rules royal family members must follow:

A bride must carry myrtle in her bouquet. REUTERS/John Stillwell