Brock Lesnar Cashes In and Becomes Universal Champion at Extreme Rules

Brock Lesnar is Universal Champion once again after cashing in his Money in the Bank Briefcase on Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.

Lesnar's cash-in happened after the main event between the team of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, and Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin in an Extreme Rules match. If Lynch and Rollins lost, they both would lose their respective titles.

After Corbin took out Becky Lynch with an End of Days, an irate Rollins hit Corbin with three Stomps to pick up the victory. However, the match tired out the Universal Champion who couldn't compose himself when Lesnar's music hit.

Brock, along with his advocate Paul Heyman, walked to the ring when Lesnar avoided Seth's offense and hit him with two German Suplexes. It was then that Heyman told the referee to announce the cash-in to make it official. Once the bell rang, it took only one F-5 to take out "The Architect."

brock lesnar universal champion extreme rules results

This is the third time Lesnar has become Universal Champion since the belt was created in 2016. Lesnar first won the title at WrestleMania 33 against Goldberg and then won it again at the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia after Roman Reigns vacated the championship due to his leukemia returning.

Seth Rollins was the last superstar to defeat Lesnar after hitting The Beast with a low blow when the referee wasn't looking and taking advantage before getting the win at WrestleMania 35.

Lesnar would win the Money in the Bank ladder match at the MITB pay-per-view in May. Brock would take Sami Zayn's spot in the match - Sami was found hanging upside down backstage - but wouldn't appear until the final moments.

WWE fans were waiting for when Lesnar would cash-in as he teased it multiple times in the past few months. He and Heyman would say they would announce which top title they would go after on Monday Night RAW a few times but never actually did. When Lesnar had an opportunity to pin Seth Rollins after destroying him with finishers on an episode of RAW, he decided that he wanted to wait until the Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia. It was there that Lesnar tried to cash-in, but Heyman's stumble in the ring distracted him long enough for Rollins to fight back and get away.

Now that Lesnar is Universal Champion again, what does it mean for Rollins and RAW? The WWE Universe will have to tune in to Monday Night RAW to find out.

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