Man Shares 70s Cocaine Medicine Found in Flooded Pharmacy Basement

A Reddit user has given an insight into dated medicine techniques, after showing a bottle with ingredients including "cocaine."

Reddit user Travbuc1 posted his find from a friend's basement to the "Mildly Interesting" Subreddit, and has gained over 30,000 votes on the post.

"Friend's family owned a pharmacy. They found this in the basement secret corner that collapsed in a flood," he captioned the post.

The image shows a bottle of "Brompton's Cocktail," which lists the ingredients as cocaine, morphine, grain alcohol, cherry syrup and distilled water.

According to further comments, the bottle dates to "somewhere around the '70s" but had nothing left inside.

"My friend told me I could share it with the internet. She said there's so many wild things down there that are legit dangerous to be near. Crystalized things that if wet could do some damage to your breathing," he added.

"It's for death bed ridden patients to go out peacefully," he confirmed in a later comment.

Although Reddit users have been equally shocked and amazed by the medicine, or more so its ingredients, "Brompton's Cocktail" was a widely used pain reliever in the 20th century. Often, it was given to terminal patients towards the end of their lives, and was described as "making goodbyes easier."

According to research, the medicine can be traced back to Herbert Snow, a surgeon at the Cancer Hospital in Brompton, London, who would use morphia and cocaine.

In 1952, the nearby Royal Brompton Hospital created its own version of the mixture under the name Haustus E. This particular mixture slightly differed to the one shared on Reddit, and included Morphine hydrochloride, cocaine hydrochloride, alcohol, syrup and chloroform water.

By 1976, the mixture appeared in the British National Formulary, and became known by various names, including the Brompton cocktail.

In the late '70s and early '80s, the cocktail fell out of use in most places, after research concluded that the cocaine had little effect on pain relief, while morphine alone was sufficient.

The post shared by Travbuc1 gave way for other users to share their own similar anecdotes of medicines which seem unbelievable in modern day.

One user wrote: "This is a story I haven't been able to share anywhere else so I'll share it here. I used to work in a pharmacy and our head pharmacist was, conservatively, 110 years old. He told us about the old days when dental and ocular surgeries had take-home prescriptions for cocaine drops, mixed according to directions right inside the pharmacy.

"They used to have pure, uncut, pharmaceutical grade coke in jars for the purpose. Back then, he was studying under a pharmacist who probably started before photography was invented.

"That pharmacist insisted on a 'one for them, one for us!' approach to cocaine prescriptions. He would always lament the modern day strictness of the pharmacy board, every time we were counting out scheduled drugs, because when he was coming up there was nothing wrong with a cheeky pill in the pocket."

Another user commented: "Reminds me of when I moved to an old farmhouse. The barns hadn't been touched in a very long time. I found old glass bottles of horse morphine."

drugstore in 1950s US
1950s drugstore in the U.S. A medicine from the '70s was shared on Reddit, listing cocaine as an ingredient. Getty Images. Getty Images