Man's Notes Begging for a Baby on Wife's Birth Control Divides the Internet

A woman has taken to TikTok to share the notes that her husband, who wants to have another child, stuck on her birth control pills—and it has divided opinion online.

In the footage, shared by user Leandra Janal Joseph, we can see a shot of a woman's handbag as text overlaying the footage reads: "My husband has been leaving me these notes all week."

The camera then cuts to various sticky notes on other pill packets. These include: "You know where these would look great? The trash!," "Lexxi said she always wanted a sister right?" and "You already took one today remember?"

Another of the notes proclaimed to have "replaced all of these with prenatal pills..."

While another added: "I've heard these don't really work anyways."

Joseph's husband also wrote on one packet that she would "look even better pregnant." The final message stated: "I have an idea for our next adventure. It's only going to take about 9 months. "

Leandra Janal Joseph captioned the video, which can watched here, writing: "I think he's trying to tell me something #babyfever #babynumber4 #fyp #foryoupage #husband #husbandandwifecomedy #funny #comedy #youredone #PradaBucketChallenge."

The video has gained lots of traction online since it was shared on October 25, having surpassed more than 8.1 million views and been liked by 1.3 million people.

Additionally, more than 6,070 comments have been left on the video, with the people voicing differences of opinion.

Some people found the husband's actions funny or sweet including TikTok user Ashley Foster, who wrote: "If I'm being honest the 'you already took one today remember?' Would have got me lol."

Another person, Mrs. G, added: "I wish men could be more clear with that they want. They're way too subtle," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Tyler Hardmam typed: "Homie has been stuck on babytiktok and his brovaries on fire."

Clint Svatos stated: "4 kids in the same as 3 kids. It's a bonus weekend. Just Do It. Literally."

Leelee revealed: "Man how are y'all turning this into something it's really not, let the man express his feels without turning it into something else."

Linda exclaimed: "Someone give this man a baby already!" alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

However, others were less than enthused by the husband's tactics, including Bri.Mullins who wrote: "I know this is meant to be lighthearted and cute, but maybe I'm just severely damaged because this gives me toxic energy vibes from the hubby."

Marvollo revealed: "This would terrify me and end the relationship so fast. I'd never trust him again, always afraid of tampering..."

EatYoSalad offered: "Or instead of pressuring you, maybe y'all should sit down and talk about it."

However, despite the negative comments it turns out Joseph's husband's actions reflected his wife's wishes.

On November 1 she shared a video of herself crying with happiness while holding a positive pregnancy test, with text that reads: "When your TikTok about your husband having baby fever goes viral and this happens the next day."

A stock image of a woman some contraceptive pills and sticky notes. On TikTok a husband stuck messages to his wife's pills to try to discourage her from taking them. iStock

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