Brother and Sister Dogs Separated at Shelter Freak Out at a Chance Reunion at Local Park

What are the odds that two dog siblings that were separated at an animal shelter would meet at a dog park? A viral video racking up views on TikTok shows the two adorable pups meeting and instantly recognizing each other after a chance encounter at their owners' local park.

— Rebecca Stokes (@beccastokes) April 2, 2020

The video shared by Melanie Horn on TikTok talks about the coincidence and how fortunate her canine companion is that the two owners learned that their dogs were related.

The clip shows the two pups playing while Sam Fischer's "This City" plays in the background. "A woman approached me in the dog park to point out how similar our dogs look," Horn wrote. "We found out we adopted from the same shelter outside of the city. They recognized each other immediately. Turns out their siblings!"

Horn also implied that she would make plans for puppy playdates for the two siblings. "Now they live in their forever homes and can still see each other," she wrote. People commenting on the video also wrote that they hope the two can have regular playdates. "[O]mg neither of u can ever move again," one wrote.

Other commenters just wrote about how heart-warming the adorable video is. "THIS JUST WARMED MY HEART WOW," one person wrote.

"Aww that is the cutest animals never forget glad they found each other," another person commented.

"[A]we how wonderful. [E]ven animals have feeling and love just like we do," another wrote.

"This story made my day. We always wonder how the siblings and parents of our rescues are doing. Breaks our hearts thinking of broken packs," one person who probably works in an animal shelter wrote.

Other people shared similar experiences, and others wrote that they hope that they can find their pets' siblings. One person went as far as taking a doggy DNA test to share with her local adoption center. "The same thing happened with my dog! He met his brother at the park," someone wrote.

"[N]ow I gotta look for my child's siblings to reunite her too," another commented, hopefully speaking about her puppy.

Horn also responded to some doubting commenters that thought that it was just normal dog behavior when they play together. "They were from the same litter! I knew her brother had been adopted and lived in the same city when I adopted," she wrote. "They reunited by complete chance."

The adorable video has since garnered a million views on TikTok.

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A playful dog is seen in front of burnt trees in Mallacoota on January 15, 2020 , Australia. Luis Ascui/Getty