BTS Fans React to 'Boy With Luv' Teaser Featuring Halsey: 'I Am In Shock'

Mega-hit K-Pop group BTS released a teaser Sunday of their upcoming new song "Boy With Luv." The clip, a hair over 45 seconds long, featured a familiar face from American pop royalty: "Without Me" singer Halsey.

The teaser opens up with the 24-year-old, wearing pink and peach hues, sitting in a ticket booth. As Halsey closes up for the night, with a lollipop in hand, she walks past the K-Pop boy band. She makes eye contact with every member of BTS, except for one: Jimin. As the American singer continues to walk past and offscreen, the teaser fades to black and fans catch a quick glimpse of the song's vocals.

While most BTS fans simply voiced their excitement and "shock" on social media, others were already trying to suss out the larger implications of the teaser video.

One heavily speculated-upon moment comes toward the end of the clip, where it appears that one BTS member is facing forward while the others have their backs to the camera. Their silhouettes are the only things seen within the clip, but fans began hypothesizing the identity and underlying meaning of this brief glimpse.

"What if it's Jimin because, in the part of the teaser where Halsey walks next to them sitting on the couch, Jimin was the only one not looking at her," Twitter user @SMoreira93 noted.

"For me, the hairstyle and gesture just scream JIMIN," another Twitter user added.

Some fans have concluded that this could be a song that will reveal a BTS member's sexual orientation. The question of whether any members of the K-Pop sensation identify as gay or bisexual has been a topic of recent discussion. Some fans believe that Halsey's involvement in the song could be a clear hint, while also drawing back on BTS's "Persona" trailer and the colors behind Namjoon, possibly referencing the bisexual flag.

Halsey openly identifies as bi-sexual and fans have also begun to hypothesize that the member who turns around at the conclusion of the clip is the "Boy With Luv."

"Boy With Luv" isn't the first time Halsey and BTS have crossed paths. Back in August, the American singer posted a series of pictures to her Twitter account with the K-Pop group. In the wake of the "Boy With Luv" teaser, BTS fans believe their collaborative work started back in 2018.

you know there was no way I’d come all the way to Seoul without seeing these guys. 👼🏼 can’t wait to see them play Staples center!!! I’m HELLA proud. 💗💖💗 @BTS_twt

— h (@halsey) August 7, 2018

"They really planned this from a long time," Twitter user @almastyles26 noted.

One thing fans can be confident about is that nothing is a coincidence when it comes to BTS. Hopefully, answers to fans' theories will come when the song officially drops Friday at 5 p.m. ET.