#ThankYouTaehyung Trends As BTS Member from K-pop Group Helps Fan in Need of Blood Donor

Tae-hyung from K-pop sensation BTS has come to the aid of a fan in need of a blood donor for a sick grandfather.

A user of BTS WEVERSE, an official BTS fan community forum launched by the band last year on the app Weverse, recently posted a message on the social media platform in desperate search of a blood donor who was described to be in "critical condition," pleading with the Army (the collective name by which BTS fans are known) for anyone who might be able to help.

"Please please help. My grandfather is in critical condition and in need of a donor with blood type Rh-A," wrote the fan, whose Korean user name on the app translates to "only BTS until the end".

"Please help me. Army is like a big family and I hope you can help as if this were your own grandfather. I'm so sorry to post such a personal matter on this forum but I hope someone can help me. Anyone who is a match, please write a message using #bloodtype," the user wrote.

The BTS singer, also known as V, replied to this note with a message saying: "Is there anyone by chance who has blood type Rh-A? I hope you can help."

Since V's plea on behalf of the fan, the user posted an update confirming a potential donor among the Army had been located.

"Thank you so much Tae-hyung. You have been a big help," the user wrote.

"Someone from the Army with a blood match has come forward and we are in discussion. It looks like my grandfather should be able to receive the blood transfer. Thank you so very much," the user confirmed.

BTS fans have been moved by Taehyung's act and have been posting messages on social media using the hashtag #ThankYouTaehyung (which has been trending on Twitter) in praise of the singer for using his global platform to help someone in need.

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— BTS WEVERSE UPDATE (@btsweverse__up) January 16, 2020

"Taehyung using his platform to show concern and comfort, spread love and positivity and to help others around him is just so inspiring and heartwarming. he really has the purest and kindest heart, he is indeed an angel. #ThankYouTaehyung," wrote @taekookmoments.

"Taehyung made us believe that angel is truly exist somewhere in this world... him. He saved a life today, he cares about ARMYs a lot, and he interacts as much as he can. Taehyung really deserves all the love in this earth. We purple you, always Kim Taehyung #ThankYouTaehyung," wrote @sinfuljeonjk.

#ThankYouTaehyung he is an angel 😭😭💜💜 pic.twitter.com/AN19OGme53

— bootyfullBangtan💫🍑 (@GodTierBangtan) January 16, 2020

"Taehyung is really the kindest soul. the way he is using the weverse platform to help others in need and to create awareness :(( his replies are filled with so much warmth and sincerity,, an actual angel #ThankYouTaehyung," wrote @Strawberries321.

"#ThankYouTaehyung for being the sweet, kind, caring man that you are. For using your platform to help, to engage and when needed to keep ARMY in check. You seem happy and I hope that's true. I also hope you actually sleep tonight @BTS_twt," wrote @omermeroz.

Earlier this week, BTS partnered with Starbucks to launch an exclusive new menu offering limited edition food, drinks and merchandise as part of a new campaign supporting disadvantaged youth in South Korea.

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