Buckingham Palace Trespasser Is a Convicted Murderer

Buckingham Palace garden party
Guests attend the Queen's garden party at Buckingham Palace in London, Britain, May 12, 2015. A trespasser, sentenced Friday, was revealed to be a convicted murderer. Stefan Wermuth/Getty

A convicted murderer who scaled the perimeter wall of Buckingham Palace before "admiring" the gardens for 10 minutes has been jailed for four months.

Dennis Hennessy, of Barnhill Road, Wembley, north-west London, cut his right hand as he climbed over the top of the wall, which is between 8 feet and 10 feet high, and set the alarm off.

He then walked around the gardens for about 10 minutes toward the Palace, where the Queen was in residence with the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of York, before being arrested by armed police.

As he was detained, he asked repeatedly, "Is Ma'am in?" prosecutor Tom Nicholson told Westminster Magistrates' Court, in London.

In interview he told police he had "walked through the gardens admiring the view."

Hennessy, 41, pleaded guilty to one count of trespass on a protected site and one count of criminal damage.

The court heard he was on licence after being convicted of the murder of a homeless man in 1992.

Chief magistrate, senior district judge Howard Riddle, sentenced him to four months for trespassing and two months, to run concurrently, for damaging the wires of the alarm system.