Building With Miniature 'Cat Balconies' is Baffling Internet Users

A video showing a building complete with small balconies has been baffling the internet, after one TikToker claimed they were for cats.

In footage shared to the app on October 30, an account called Elmerbritishblue shows the outside of a brick apartment block. Under the windows, we can see small crescent-shaped balconies.

Text overlaying the footage reads: "I walk past these everyday.... Never understood they were for... until today!"

The camera then cuts to a shot of a tabby cat enjoying the sun while sat on one of the balconies, as the text explains: "Cat balconies!," alongside two golden-star emoji.

Elmerbritishblue has captioned the footage, which can be watched here, writing: "Obsessed! #cat #fyp #foryoupage."

The video has gone viral online, with more than 2.7 million views and 383,900 likes.

Over 2,000 people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the building's design feature, with some considering its alleged feline function.

One TikTok user, Katiee, wrote: "No because my cat would see a bird or something and throw herself out like the little psychotic killer she is."

Another person, N.ahmed, added: "I do not think it is safe for a cat."

Uwu typed: "Looks cute and all but for real I'm worried that your cat may accidentally fall through the barriers."

Many people also mused on what the small balconies were actually used for including Ughreallysw, who opined: "These used to be for baby cages, so babies could get sun and air while families lived in small flats."

These cages, which were attached to window so a small child could sit in an enclosed balcony, actually became popular in 1922, but the idea began with Dr. Luther Emmett in his 1884 book The Care and Feeding of Children.

He described how infants needed to be "aired" in order to "renew and purify the blood."

The balconies in the TikTok video are most unlikely to be baby cages, both due to their small size and the fact the feature has largely fallen out of fashion since the 1950s.

Another person, NaughtyShrimpy, joked that the platforms "are actually meant for you to do strip shows outside. There should be a pole connecting the one above and below and you lap dance."

Tez also offered a tongue-in-cheek suggestion, typing: "It's before there were toilets. That is where you put the bucket to keep the smell out of the place."

Ansis Suharzevskis commented: "Outdoor fridge for winter season."

A more likely suggestion was given by User734297890805, who explained: "They are the rescue points for the fire department's ladders."

A stock image of a cat on a balcony. A TikToker has claimed that a building has lots of small platforms outside the windows in order to accommodate cats. iStock